Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 18th's Weekly TV Thoughts

You'll notice all by two of these shows were on Monday night.  And since I was out Tuesday night, it took me most of the week to catch up.

America Ninja Warrior – They focused so much on the race car drivers that the Wolf Pack got edited down to almost nothing.  That’s a bit of a surprise.  In fact, there weren’t as many big names as normal competing.  Meghan was an obvious exception, and seeing her finish was wonderful as always.

Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge – I’ve done one Spartan race, and this kind of reminds me why I only did one.  It’s not nearly as much for the weekend almost warrior like me.  The editing left a bit to be desired for this show.  They only showed up one of the two heats?  And between the video at the beginning and which heat they focused on, it was obvious which team would win in the end.  Still, it’s interesting enough I’ll keep watching.

Angie Tribecca – Another very funny episode.  You almost feel for Giles with the love triangle.  I certainly love how open and honest everyone is in that series of relationships.  And the twist at the end?  That was pretty funny as well.

Scream – A second murder this season, and one that doesn’t mean as much.  I feel like we might finally be getting to know the new kids as well.  My money is on the cousin to be the first of that batch to die, but we shall see.  Definitely some good twists, too, with Emma’s dad.

Royal Pains – They are certainly moving quickly with the pregnancy story, but if they are going to have her pregnant by the end of the series, that’s important.  The video was so sweet and so these characters, I absolutely loved it.  I didn’t remember Hank’s friend until the end of the episode, I must admit, but that wasn’t really bothering me much.  And they are definitely getting ready to wrap things up.  Heck, Hank is looking for a house, after all.

Girl Meets World – No real surprises with the message, but the comedy was still pretty good.  The Chewbacca bits were the best by far.


  1. Mark! You've done a Spartan race - I am majorly impressed! I haven't seen the NBC show yet, but have it recorded. I've seen a couple on one of the cable channels - the one that Hunter and his three cohorts from Boundless raced in.

    1. Just keep in mind the Spartan I did was nothing like this. This is designed for teams, for one thing.