Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Disneyland Review: The Enchanted Tiki Room

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Nostalgic fun with singing birds and plants
Cons: Not everyone seems to enjoy it
The Bottom Line:
Singing birds, flowers
In a cheesy but fun show
Family can enjoy

"I Wonder What Happened to Rosita."

When I was a child, a trip to Disneyland meant a visit to every attraction.  As an adult, I have found that I still love those old stand bys and try to fit them all into each visit.  Yes, that means I drag my friends into The Enchanted Tiki Room.  It still leaves me singing and smiling.

This show is located right at the Main Street entrance to Adventureland.  There's a small outdoor waiting area with very limited seating.  The shows start about every 20 minutes, so your wait is entirely up to you.  I never have to wait more than one cycle for the show.

If you can, get there 10 minutes before the next show.  A few minutes before you can go in, the Tiki gods in the courtyard tell you about themselves.  While their mouths don't move, they do shoot fire or drop plants.  It's fun.  And you can take advantage of the much shorter line in the waiting area for a treat from sponsor Dole.  Dole Whip is a soft serve pineapple yogurt type treat that is wonderful.  (And, yes, you can take it into the theater.)

Once the doors open, you can find a seat inside.  Since the show takes place above and around you, there isn't a bad one.

Things start as hosts Jose, Pierre, Fritz, and Michael are awakened.  What follows is 15 minutes of singing and talking animatronics.  The first few numbers feature birds (and the incredibly catchy "The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room").  But then flowers serenade us and the totems beat the drums and chant.  It all ends when the gods get angry at all the celebrating and send us a thunder and rain storm.

The four hosts have some fun teasing each other between numbers, so those who listen closely get some laughs out of the show.  For instance, when Pierre introduces the lovely female birds on the bird mobile (who all happen to have French names) Jose asks about Rosita.

I will be perfectly honest, this is a show from the 1960's.  The animatronics are dated.  If they were to redo the show now, the birds would be so much more lifelike.  There is a cheesiness to the show that turns some people off.  And, no, it doesn't have the newest and best thrills.

So why do I love it?  It's partially the nostalgia factor.  But it's still a charming show that the entire family can enjoy together.  Kids might jump at the first clasp of thunder, but that is as scary as it gets.  I am not alone in my assessment.  The show is almost always near capacity when I swing by mid-afternoon, and most of the faces I see leaving are smiling.  It does help that you get to sit inside an air conditioned building.

So next time you need a break, stop in and visit my feathered friends in The Enchanted Tiki Room.  And tell them I said "Aloha."

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