Saturday, October 5, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for October 5th

For a few years on my regular blog, I've been posting anything from a few sentences to a rambling paragraph with my thoughts on the TV shows I watched during the week.  I'll going to start posting those here instead, but only include the shows I haven't done the longer recaps for.  As always, I'd love to read your thoughts on these shows.

The Amazing Race – I’ve actually been to the movie studio where they started, which I found very cool!  I was not sorry to see the father/daughter team eliminated.  We’ve already seen the overbearing father on the race before.  Twice.  No desire to see that repeated.

Dancing with the Stars – I realize I was one of the few rooting for Bill Nye to go, but I’m not remotely sorry he’s gone.  He was entertaining, but he wasn’t a good dancer.  And the thought of anyone else sticking around when he was injured and really couldn’t compete really would have upset me.

Survivor – Hey Colton?  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  And stay out.  Although I think after quitting twice we won’t have to worry about that.  Still, the guy was a jerk who claimed to have changes and instead became a big baby when he couldn’t get people to give in to his tactics.  How his fiancĂ©e puts up with him I will never know.

The Big Bang Theory – There were some unusual matches with the teams, and I enjoyed watching those characters together.  Feel so sorry for Stuart.  He was part of the group a year ago, but now he's fallen out of the group again.  And Sheldon and Penny?  Still the best "couple" on the show even though they will never get together.

The Crazy Ones – I enjoyed this on Thursday night, but then I watched it again last night with my roommate and was laughing even more.  I think this show might be growing on me.

Michael J. Fox – Since it didn't focus on Michael's health, I enjoyed this one a bit more.  Still not sure if I'll stick with it, but it was better than the first two episodes.

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