Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Book Review: Cinco de Murder by Rebecca Adler (Taste of Texas Mysteries #3)

Stars: 3 out of 5
Pros: Fun series regulars, interesting mystery
Cons: Needed some editing to smooth some things out
The Bottom Line:
Holiday weekend
Gets busier with murder
Can Josie solve crime?

Celebration Leads to Murder

Obviously, Christmas has become a popular time to set books in a cozy series, but I enjoyed it when less popular holidays show up.  Even better is when a holiday fits the theme of the series, which is the case with Cinco de Murder.  This book is set at a Tex-Mex restaurant right around Cinco de Mayo.

It’s looking like it will be an extra busy weekend of Josie Callahan.  Not only is it a busy weekend for her family’s restaurant where she works as a waitress, but she is helping her uncle Eddie put on the first annual chili cook-off and she is dancing in the Cinco de Mayo parade.  The last thing she needs is a dead body to pop up.

But that’s just what happens when she is making the rounds of the contestants’ areas before the cook-off starts.  While checking out the final tent, she finds the body of Lucky Straw.  Josie had only encountered him the night before, but he didn’t make a good impression then.  It seems someone wanted him out of the way permanently.  But who?  And why?  With people wanting to hold this against Uncle Eddie, Josie doesn’t hesitate to jump into the investigation.

Naturally, it turns out that Lucky wasn’t a very nice person, and Josie soon has several strong suspects and motives.  Several other events happen, further complicating things, which are complicated enough already.  Josie does figure it out all in the end, although her habit of jumping to conclusions, some right and some wrong, is in full display here.  I’d be right there with her in jumping to conclusions, so I can’t say much.  The climax was unique and very well done.

I feel, however, that the book needed one last good edit.  Josie jumps from one suspect and theory to another, which is fine.  In fact, I expect that in a mystery since it keeps up guessing.  In this case, Josie’s change of mind often came across as if she’d always thought this was the case.  These changes were abrupt enough to confuse me, but not in a good way, since she was contradicting something I thought we had established.  As I say, it just needed one last pass to smooth this out, and we’d be fine.  I’ve felt this way about earlier books in the series, so if you’ve enjoyed the earlier books, this is nothing new.

The cast of characters in this small West Texas town is still strong.  I especially love Josie’s abuela.  She is a hoot, and any time she is on the page it is fun.  The suspects aren’t quite as strong as they could be, but that would change, I’m sure, if they had more page time.  They are strong enough not to make the killer obvious early on.

If this book leaves your mouth watering for TexMex, never fear.  There are five recipes in the back for such things as Huevos Rancheros, and chicken quesadillas.  And yes, there’s a chili recipe as well.

Those who have been missing Josie will be glad to revisit her in Cinco de Murder.  Grab your party hat and settle in for a mostly delicious book.

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