Thursday, September 13, 2018

Ornament Review: Tasty Tannenbaum Mini - 2016 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Great mini version of a fun ornament
Cons: Tips forward noticeably
The Bottom Line:
Christmas tree cupcake
Shrunk down to a mini size
Fun in small package

Tasty Winner for Your Mini Tree

Over the past couple of years, Hallmark has done several mini versions of series ornaments in attempts to get people to take a look at the miniature ornaments and potentially start collecting them.  And I’m proof that it has worked.  It’s why I got 2016’s Tasty Tannenbaum, after all.

This ornament is a miniature version of the previous year’s entry in the Christmas Cupcake series.  The biggest difference is that this one is made completely from plastic, while the full-sized ornament was mostly made from fabric as is the case for the rest of the full-size series.  Like the full-sized version, we get a red cupcake foil with a hint of a vanilla cupcake peeking out of the top.  The focus of the ornament, however, is the tower of green frosting made to look like a Christmas tree.  It comes complete with red heart decorations and a red star on top.  Add on some glitter, and you’ve got a great ornament.

I loved the idea of the original, however, I found the tree was too high for the fabric to fully support.  I like this version because, being plastic, the tree stands up straight with no tip or slump.  But I have mentioned this is a mini ornament, right?  Because make no mistake about it, it is.  It is just an inch tall from top of the star to bottom of the cupcake liner.

Of course, this size will change how you display it.  While you can set it up, it does tend to get lost quickly in a display because of the size.  I find it looks great on Hallmark’s mini trees.  However, when you go to hang it, you’ll find the hook is just behind the plastic star at the top of the tree, so it tips forward a little bit.  That takes away from the ornament overall.

Even with the tip, this is a fun compliment to the Christmas Cupcakes series.  If you collect mini ornaments, you should definitely check it out.

Original Price: $7.95

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