Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ornament Review: Christmas Windows #6 - Kringles Corner Book Store - 2008 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Bookstore!!!  Oh, and Christmas decorations in the window
Cons: A bit simple, especially compared to others in the series
The Bottom Line:
Bookstore always fun
Do wish for more details here
Still a good display

How Could This Reader Not Love the Christmas Window of a Book Shop?

Just in case you might have missed it, I love to read.  I always have.  In fact, I usually got books along with toys for Christmas every year.  So naturally, I was already in favor of Kringle's Korner, the 2008 Christmas Windows ornament from Hallmark.

Being one of Nina Aube's entries in the series, it features a little girl looking in the store window.  She's out walking a dog, and the dog is trying to hop up on the wooden soldier outside the store.  And yes, the soldier is holding a book.  The girl is looking in the window, which features a toy Santa with a picture book in his lap.  Next to his are three more books with their festive covers displayed for anyone on the street to see.  When you turn the ornament around, you can see the shelves on the back side filled with books with various colored spines.  There's a teddy bear sitting on the bottom shelf, propping up some of the books.

Now here's the part where I do complain a bit.  Compared to some of the others in the series, this ornament is a bit on the simple side.  Maybe it's the book lover in me, but I'd love to see more detail, maybe even a few more book titles on the spines on the shelves?  I know the ornament is small for that kind of detail, but others have done it.  Why not this one?

Overall, I do like the ornament.  It's another fun Christmas window for the village we are building with this series.

Once again, there's a nice flat base on the ornament, so it can be displayed on a table, mantle, or any flat surface.  I think this series is best when displayed together, so I like that fact.  You'll also find the 6 in a Christmas tree on the bottom of the ornament since this is the sixth in the series.

Of course, you can hang these ornaments on your tree.  This one tips slightly to the left when you go to hang it, something that surprises me a bit.  The rest of the ornaments in this series have all been pretty good about hanging straight.

Maybe it's the book lover in me that finds Kringle's Korner a slight disappointment.  In real life, I'd be exploring this bookstore to see if they had any new favorite authors for me to discover.  And that means that Christmas Windows 2008 can't be all bad, right?

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Original Price: $20.00

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