Saturday, September 5, 2015

Weekly TV Thoughts for September 5th

It's that down time between summer and fall TV season for sure.  I'm enjoying it while I can since I will be slammed with shows by the end of the month.  I won't be doing full recaps of any shows this year, so that will help, but still, it will be challenging to just watch them all.

Is anyone else interested in participating in a weekly Meme?  I tried last year and it fizzled, but if you'd like to join in this year, let me know and I can start it back up.

But that's the future.  Here's what I watched just this last week.

American Ninja Warrior – I was hoping they had changed their formula, but I suspected as soon as we saw Paul going first he wasn’t going to make it.  So bummed.  But they’ve got quite an impressive group of finishers already with more to come next week.  I always like to see finishers.  Of course, that just means they’ll make it harder next season but I’m hoping we might actually get a winner this year.

Scream – What a great finale!  If you go back and read my thoughts as the season progressed, you’ll notice that I got exactly none of it right.  The killer or the person who appears to be the accomplice.  There had to be someone else since we did see her get sort of attacked (and that explains why she wasn’t attacked more).  That is a lose end they really do need to explain.  I’m still surprised so many of the characters made it through alive, but boy was it a fun and suspenseful ride.  Can’t wait for season 2 next year.  UPDATE: I wrote the above right after having watched it on Tuesday.  Now that I’ve thought about it more, it seems there are plot holes with the “accomplice” they selected.  Like her desire to find out who was responsible for killing her friend.  Honestly, I don’t think it was the best thought out twist at all.

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