Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 19th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I can tell it's almost Fall TV season to start.  No, this isn't another comment on how little TV I'm watching right now.  I'm so looking forward to new episodes with my favorite characters I can hardly stand it.  Yet I know that season premiers are often disappointing to me since I have built up so many expectations.  Still, this is the only time of the year you will hear me say it, but I am so looking forward to Monday night!

But that's next week, when this list will be very, very long.  For right now, here's what I watched this week.

Dancing with the Stars – I wasn’t going to watch this season.  I really wasn’t.  And then I suddenly changed my mind, and I’m glad I did.  Yes, there are a bunch of dancers down at the bottom, but it is nice to see that after the last couple of years where everyone was outstanding.  I’d love to see some at the bottom really grow.  And those at the top?  Some pretty impressive week one dancers.  Yep, I’m back on board for better or worse.  Mainly worse.  I have no idea how I’m going to watch this with everything else I’ll be watching this fall.

America Ninja Warrior – After all these seasons and making the obstacles harder and harder, we get not one but two winners.  And while everyone everywhere is talking about Isaac, who definitely did win because he finished the rope climb faster, I think we need to give Geoff props for also finishing and finishing first.  That was a very impressive performance on his part.  It kills me that the rules weren’t as they’ve been stating all these years and Geoff didn’t also win the prize.  In fact, it really bugs me.  I hope he gets something for second because he definitely deserves it.  Congrats to both Isaac and Geoff.  Amazing victory for them both for sure.

Girl Meets World – I find it interesting that they flashed back to two episodes of Boy Meets World before Cory and Topanga were sweethearts since they were two years old.  Oh, and also when the characters were younger than the characters in this show are supposed to be.  Nick picks over now.  The show was so funny with some true laugh out loud moments and real heart.  Yep, although great episode.

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