Saturday, September 26, 2015

Weekly TV Thoughts for September 26th

Yes, the new TV season has started and started with a bang.  You can tell just by looking at the list of shows I watched this week.  We won't even count the two hour premiers.  I'll actually have less TV to watch this coming week thanks to the shows going to their normal one hour running time.

The Big Bang Theory – I thought I had maybe come to terms with the whole Leonard kissed another woman thing, but I’m not.  It really doesn’t feel right for the character, and I hate that it intruded on the wedding.  However, I am loving Sheldon and Amy breaking up.  I think this could be quite interesting to watch over the next several weeks.

Castle – It is unfair to give us a cliffhanger after waiting so long for new episodes.  Completely unfair!  But what a great episode.  I’m curious what it is that Beckett is after and what Bracken has to do with any of this.  I wouldn’t have minded if we never saw him again, but I’m okay with it because he sure beats the disappearance storyline from last year.  Not that he'll be around much since he's back on Heroes Reborn.

Dancing with the Stars – So I really am wondering why they had a double elimination and two full dances in the second week?  That is a lot of the stars and the pros to try to deal with.  And yet again, how they hand pick the best dancers for some pros and those who need more time to grow to others is evident.  I mean, out first twice in a row?  I hope they really give Keo a better star if he comes back.  No real surprise who left on Tuesday as well.  We’ve got a few more easy weeks before it’s going to start to get harder to see who should go.

The Muppets – Well, that was a huge disappointment.  I love the Muppets, but I’m not a fan of the mockumentary style at all.  I’m with Gonzo about how stupid it is, in fact.  But I thought I’d tune in to see if it was any good.  It was painful to watch and not remotely funny.  I guess I’m too worldly without kids to think about because I didn’t think it was that bad as far as content went.  It was just painful and unfunny.  I’ll give them next week to change my mind, and then I’m out of there.

Scream Queens – This show is wrong on so many different levels.  And the content?  Way worse than just about anything I watch, which didn’t surprise me considering the creator.  But I enjoyed it.  No, it’s not the best show ever, and I didn’t think all the jokes worked, but it was enough fun, and I’m intrigued enough by the mystery to stick with it.  Plus that twist at the end certainly surprised me.  I’ll be pondering what that means.

Survivor – This is another show I almost gave up this year until I remembered it was the returning survivors.  There are several I’m rooting for, but none more than Kelly Wigglesworth.  So glad her performance in the challenge didn’t hurt her.  The location of the hidden idol was interesting as was the fact that they went directly to tribal.  Twists like that could make for a very interesting season.

Heroes Reborn – After the disaster that this show became in season 4, I wasn’t sure about tuning in.  Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have if they hadn’t cast Zachary Levi on the show.  But I’m glad I tuned in.  I’m intrigued, and I’m certainly curious how these characters and powers will all come together.  Is Claire alive?  I certainly hope so, although it didn’t look good from the previews.  Lots of intrigue and fun ahead, I’m sure.

The Amazing Race – I’m so glad to see the TMZ employees gone already.  I can’t stand that show and change the channel as fast as I can when it comes on, so I was hoping I wouldn’t see them that long.  Those volleyball/soccer players were amazing, however.  I was so impressed.  And I’m thrilled that the green team didn’t get eliminated for going for the Fast Forward.  So far, I’m rooting for them.

Girl Meets World – I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, I love the friendships on this show.  Obviously, they didn’t figure that identifying the bully was important, but the lessons of friendship and growth were more important.  Such a great show.

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