Saturday, November 7, 2015

November 6th's Weekly TV Thoughts

The networks are trying to kill me with all this TV.  If I can just make it until Thanksgiving.  If I can just make it until Thanksgiving....

Once Upon a Time – Wow!  I just love what they are doing with Gold this season.  If he truly is a hero at this point, then he’s got an inside track to truly defeat Dark Emma.  And I’m wondering if she did something to Merlin.  Now that she’s ignored his warning and removed the sword from the stone, what will happen to it?  For that matter, how did it get back in the stone in the first place?  We also know in the Storybrooke timeline that Arthur is up to no good.  Maybe he did something to Merlin?  He sure doesn’t seem to want our gang to talk to him.

The Librarians – Fictional characters coming to life?  I think I’m going to love this season!  And yes, they got me with Moriarty.  I sure thought that was Holmes.  I’m wondering if everything is going to tie in to this directly like these two episodes did or if it will be more indirect like the first season.  Either way, I’m anxious to find out.

Supergirl – Much better second episode.  I enjoyed that as much as I expected to enjoy the pilot.  It’s fun with action and great characters.  I’m on board now and looking forward to seeing how the season unfolds.

Dancing with the Stars – The really painful eliminations are going to start coming any week now.  Although I must admit, I’m hoping for Carlos and Alexis to make it to the finals.  Along with Bindi, of course.  She’s a shoe in, and I can’t see anyone who is going to challenge her for the win at this point, either.

The Muppets – I know, I know, I caved.  I had to watch Kristen Chenoweth.  Frankly, I loved her scenes, too.  So, so funny.  The plot with Kermit and Miss Piggy was so sweet, too.  In fact, that was a little surprisingly sweet.  I kept expecting that to blow up at some point, but it never did.  So, I wonder where they are going with that.  Not that I’m going to find out since I will stop watching the show.  No, really.

The Flash – Wells-2 is a bit of a jerk.  Obviously, he’s only interested in defeating Zoom since Zoom has his daughter.  So in addition to being arrogant, he’s also using Barry and crew.  But I loved his love after the characters tried to explain the plot of last season to him.  “I didn’t follow any of that.”  When they were summarizing things, I realized just how out there it might sound if you weren’t watching every step along the way.

Agents of SHIELD – I did not see that twist at the end coming.  And I was so happy at the beginning of the episode because he was alive.  How are they going to deal with this next week?

Scream Queens – So what was the point of that episode?  It really did nothing to advance the story.  The only person killed was not killed by the Red Devil, and killer has confessed (at least to us).  The idea that the two people I’m certain didn’t do it are now at the top of the Channels’s list is funny, but that’s about all it gave us.

Arrow – This episode pretty much went as I expected it to.  No real surprises, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  The only real surprise was about Diggle’s brother.  I wonder if that will turn out to be really true or not.

Survivor – I was actually enjoying Kass this time around, so I’m sorry to see her gone.  We seem to have an 8 vs. 4 situation right now, but I wonder if that will last until we are down to 8 or if everyone will really be scrambling next week.

The Big Bang Theory – It’s rare that I feel sorry for Sheldon, but that moment when he saw Amy with another guy was so hard.  On the other hand, Bernadette’s earthquake and aftershock were hilarious.  Loved it!

Heroes Reborn – We were so close to getting things back to the way they were supposed to be, but that last scene shocked me.  Not only is that guy alive (so obviously he is going to be around more), but now he’s working with Erica?  And did Hiro just die?  Please say no.  Will Nathan remember who he is soon?  And how can he and his sister save the day if he absorbs powers?  At least they explained why it was Claire died, and it makes sense even if I don’t like it.

The Amazing Race – It’s easy to sit back and criticize them for waiting for the bus.  But if I’d been in their shoes, I probably would have done the same thing.  I definitely find it interesting that only one team did the jump rope obstacle.  Probably would have skipped it as well.  And I hate trying to match stuff, so that would have been hard for me, too.

Girl Meets World – I wasn’t expecting tons of humor with this one since it dealt with Mya and her father, but it was good.  A bit predictable, but still good.  However, Farkle and the movies/predicting what people would say was a riot.


  1. Will you watch The Muppets when they do the reboot in the second half of the season? They're getting a new show runner and are apparently reworking it a bit to address the concerns.

    1. At this point, I'm going to stick with the Muppets and see how it improves next year with the new show runner. I'm hoping it actually turns funny for a change.

  2. Oh and I hope Bindi wins DWTS. Only real reason I've paid much attention this season. She totally has her father's attitude and drive.

    1. I am so sick of Derek getting the young, cute athletic dancer that I pretty much automatically root against him. But I am rooting for Bindi. Figure that one out (and then explain it to me).