Friday, November 6, 2015

Ornament Review: Olaf in Summer - 2015 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Fun scene of Olaf and his dream for a wonderful season
Cons: Tips noticeably, doesn’t have clip from the song
The Bottom Line:
Olaf’s summer dream
Captured without song in fun
Christmas ornament

An Ornament to Warm Away the Winter Blues

When it comes to Christmas weather and ornaments, you think of scenes with snow and snowmen.  Hallmark included one of those elements, a snowman, with Olaf In Summer, but the season is all wrong, and I love it so much for that.

Olaf, of course, is the living snowman from Disney’s Frozen, and in my favorite song of the film, he confesses his desire for warmth and dreams about what life will be like when he gets to experience summer.  I just loved the humor of it since, obviously, he would melt long before summer came around.  Okay, there’s also the fact that I get cold easily so I live for summer as well.

This ornament captures Olaf enjoying that dreamed about season.  He’s standing in a field of grass about to pick and smell a purple flower.  Yes, it’s really that simple, but so is his dream of experiencing warmth.  (And really, who can blame him?)

Since this ornaments is a bit of a small scene, you’ll find that it has a nice, flat base.  That means you can enjoy Olaf in summer, winter…really any time of the year.

Unfortunately, when you go to hang him from your Christmas tree, you’ll find that he tips slightly.  It’s not that surprising since the hook is on top of his head, but the meadow spreads out before him.  With the hook off center, the ornament will tip most of the time.  Considering the design of the ornament, I’m not quite sure what Hallmark could have done about that.

But here is where they missed a golden opportunity.  Remember that song I mentioned earlier?  Why isn’t a clip from it included in this ornament?  Okay, so it’s not the most popular song (or second most popular song) from Frozen, but I still think it would have made a nice addition to this ornament.  Yes, I’m biased since I loved the song, but it would have put this ornament over the top for me.

While they missed the chance for perfect, Hallmark still has a winner on their hands with Olaf In Summer.  This is an ornament that will make any fan of the movie smile.  I know it does for me.

Original Price: $14.95

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