Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 28th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Short list, between the shows that weren't on this week and those I haven't watched yet thanks to being out of town for Thanksgiving.  I'll have a lot on my DVR to catch up on when I get home, I guess.  Look for those next week, but for this week, here's what I did watch before I left town.

The Librarians – I’m really wondering where they are going with this season.  They were almost making it look like Moriarty isn’t a bad guy this week.  Meanwhile, is the library fixed?  Or will they still be having issues with that going forward?

Supergirl – Considering this was supposed to air last week, I don’t feel like we missed that much with it being out of order.  But this does now give us three storylines to be following, her aunt, this inventor, and what really happened to her human father.  Oh yeah, and there’s the fact that she’s working for an alien and doesn’t know it, but I have a feeling that is tied into her dad.  I’m really truly officially hooked at this point and can’t wait for next week.

Castle – Finally, it looks like Castle and Beckett are on the same page and acting as husband and wife should.  Yes, definitely some fun scenes, but I am so thrilled to see that Beckett had some sense knocked into her.  Hopefully, the show can get back on track at this point.

Dancing with the Stars – What great performances!  And those freestyles were awesome!  I especially loved the obstacles; that will be an iconic freestyle for sure.  I wonder if I can work any of that into my next mud run.  Of course, there was no surprise about who won.  Not that Bindi didn’t deserve it, seriously, can Derek get a tougher partner next season?

Scream Queens – I kept waiting for the body to drop, and then as the last scene started, I knew what was going to happen.  So that makes me wonder why kill Boone if she was going to kill Gigi anyway?  Or was Boone’s death faked for some reason?  Either way, certainly not going to miss Gigi.  Dying to know where this is leading.

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