Saturday, November 21, 2015

November 21st Weekly TV Thoughts

I think I'm going to make it.  I think I'm going to make it.  The hard part is always getting everything in plus packing on Tuesday of this coming week.  Of course, if I skip my run for the night I would be fine.  We'll just have to see how I'm feeling on Tuesday.

But that's next week.  Let's talk about what I watched this week, shall we?

Once Upon a Time – Before, two hour events fit together.  That definitely wasn’t the case last night.  In fact, that second hour felt a bit like filler, which was frustrating since we got so many twists and surprises in the first hour.  Still, both were solid hours, and it was fun to see Dr. Whale, Mulan, and Red again, although I’m not happy with the rumored Lesbian relationship to come on the show.  My guess as of now is Mulan and Red.

The Librarians – Fun episode, and I wonder how they are going to build on that.  They seem to have a lot of balls in the air this season, and I’m really wondering how everything will tie together in the end.

Supergirl – If there are continuity issues with them playing this episode out of order, I didn’t notice.  And now I’m really intrigued.  What really happened to her dad?  I’m really really hoping he’s not really dead since I like the stunt casting they did for post of her parents.  And this seems to confirm that the guy Alex works for is really an alien.  So what is he up to?

Dancing with the Stars – Not super surprised that they didn’t have an elimination this week.  They wanted four stars for Monday night, after all.  Very impressive dances from all the stars remaining, at least at some point.  But we all know that Bindi is going to win.  Seriously, can we not give Derek the young, athletic partner next season?

Castle – Good mystery with some nice twists, although they rushed things at the end.  Nice to see they’ve got Ryan and Esposito back together.  Sure hope they do the same for Castle and Beckett next week.  I’m so over this whole thing.

The Muppets – An okay episode.  Pretty much still holding on for the reboot in the Spring.  Hope it is worth the wait.

The Flash – I’m not too surprised that Barry healed on his own so quickly.  They’ve already established that he heals fast.  But I loved seeing his dad back again, and I loved the advice he gave him.  The relationship between Barry, his Dad, and his Foster Dad was part of the heart of the first season, so I was glad to see it back again.

Agents of SHIELD – Seriously, this show has too many storylines.  I just can’t seem to care about them because we don’t get enough time with any of them.  Cut out a storyline, and I’m on board.

Scream Queens – Boone’s back and now he’s dead for real.  And we still don’t know who the twin, aka the second killer is.  I did know Boone was dead as soon as he set down the knife.  How stupid can you get?  Of course, why any of these characters haven’t already fled is beyond me.  Oh, and I’m wondering if Hester is really dead or not.  I could almost see that fixing her neck for good in the twisted world that is this show.

Arrow – So where is this going with Diggle’s brother now?  That is going to be an interesting road.  I have a feeling we won’t really be following up on it right away since we’ve got the team up crossover happening in two weeks.  And can I just say I’m so looking forward to that!

Survivor – Not Wigglesworth!  I was so rooting for her, although I have a feeling she wouldn’t have made it further than that since everyone would have voted for her in the finals.  And it sounds like she wasn’t that upset to leave, either.  Is it just me, or have we had a blindside every single episode this season.  It is the most unpredictable season to date, which I love.  Except when they blindside someone I want to stick around.

Heroes Reborn – This show is just too convoluted for me, I guess.  With so many moving parts, I’m just having a hard time finding and connecting to any single character enough to care about the outcome.  I mean, I want them to save the day, and I know they will, but right now I’m struggling.  At least there are only three episode when it comes back in January.  Oh, and I’m still struggling with Matt Parkman being a villain.

The Big Bang Theory – It really was a fun episode.  I think my favorite storyline was actually Leonard and Penny.  So fun and so funny.  Although the final scene with Amy and Sheldon was so heartbreaking.  Perfectly writing and acted and definitely right for the characters and the show.  Can’t wait to see what they do with these two next.

The Amazing Race – When have they ever had a Speed Bump that hard?  Some of them have been downright easy.  Laughably so.  But in this case you both have to do a very time consuming Road Block?  Plus there’s a U Turn (and a single U Turn at that, can’t remember the last time it wasn’t a double U Turn)?  Yeah, the Texas boys had no chance at all.  Well, if they hadn’t been U Turned they might have made it (who knows with editing on the show being what it is).  I’d really grown to like them again, so I’m sorry to see them leave.

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