Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ornament Review: Jingle Bell Rock - 2015 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Pun ornament!
Cons: None
The Bottom Line:
This ornament turns
Popular song into pun
For guaranteed grin

Pun for Your Christmas Tree

If you haven’t noticed, I love puns.  It’s one thing that draws me to the cozy mysteries I love to read.  And it’s why I knew I had to buy Jingle Bell Rock as soon as I saw it in Hallmark’s Dreambook.  Well, as soon as I stopped laughing, that is.

The ornament is fairly simple.  It’s a gray rock.  Okay, so the rock does have a face carved in stone on it, and he is obviously a happy looking rock with a nice grin on his face.  He’s wearing a red Santa hat, and that hat has a bell on the end.  Unfortunately, the bell is actually just the shape and not a real bell, but that’s the only issue with the ornament.

I’m sure by now you are groaning at the pun.  The Jingle Bell Rock ornament is a rock wearing a hat with a bell on it.  But that was enough to make me fall in love with the ornament and buy it.  In addition to the pun, it is just a pleasant ornament to look at.  The rock looks so happy, and his grin is infectious.

This is one of Hallmark’s magic ornaments, and naturally this has a clip of the song “Jingle Bell Rock.”  This is the classic version sung by Bobby Helms – you know, the one you probably picture first when you think of this song.  Just put two button batteries in the base of the ornament and press the button on the side and you’ll hear a 30 second clip of the song.

Being a rock, this ornament has a nice, flat base, so you can display him anywhere you want in your house during the Christmas season.  However, if you want to hang him from your tree, you’ll find the loop sticking to his Santa hat.  He’s surprisingly light (I keep expecting to pick up a rock, but he’s normal Hallmark ornament weight since he’s made from plastic) and hangs straight.

Every tree needs a pun or two, so this Christmas ornament is the perfect way to add one to your tree.  Jingle Bell Rock will be proudly displayed on my tree for years to come.

Original Price: $17.95


  1. How can you resist a face like that?!...adorable :-)

    1. You really can't. And Sharon did as great a job creating a face for Don't Worry, Be Happy.