Friday, January 1, 2016

Reading Challenge: Audiobook Challenge 2016

After enjoying so many audio books last year, I definitely plan to continue listening to them this year so it's only natural that I would sign up for the 2016 Audiobook Challenge, co-hosted by Hot Listens and The Book Nympho.  Yes, most will probably be the same four authors I was listening to last year, but I will mix things up occasionally with some other authors.

Anyway, I will once again be signing up for the Stenographer level, which is 10-15 books.  I'm not sure I will be traveling around Southern California as much this year, so I might not get as much listening done.  We'll just have to wait and see.

Books will be listed here as I listen and review them.

1. "C" is for Corpse by Sue Grafton
2. I Am Half-Sick of Shadows by Alan Bradley
3. The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech by Kirsten Powers
4. The Ambitious Card by John Gaspard
5. The Concrete Blonde by Michael Connelly
6. Speaking from Among the Bones by Alan Bradley
7. "D" is for Deadbeat by Sue Grafton
8. Voodoo River by Robert Crais
9. The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches by Alan Bradley
10. The Last Coyote by Michael Connelly
11. As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust by Alan Bradley
12. The Bullet Catch by John Gaspard
13. Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd by Alan Bradley
14. Sunset Express by Robert Crais
15. "E" is for Evidence by Sue Grafton
16. The Poet by Michael Connelly

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