Saturday, January 30, 2016

January 30th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Another week, another show back.  Boy, was I looking forward to Suits coming back, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Galavant – I laughed so many times at this episode, but I think my favorite line was the Princess Bride reference, probably because I was thinking about it when the episode started.  And so many self-referential moments, like when the battle will take place, how long the cat fight had been coming – Loved them!  Could have done without the kiss and tell song, but that was the only blight on the night.

Supergirl – So the Supergirl team is getting their own jail for aliens ala what they do on The Flash.  Interesting.  I had forgotten that Cat had an older son, but I liked seeing how that progressed, and I think it will be interesting watching the awkward date in the future.  But I loved what they did with Hank this episode, giving him more backstory and allowing the woman to talk him down from making the wrong decision.  Of course, that won’t be the worst of the consequences he faces for his actions.

The Flash – So we got one last episode with Patty, and I loved her scenes.  The goodbye was especially good.  In fact, there was a lot of great emotion in this episode.  And it was interesting have Reverse Flash back in the mix, too.  I’m wondering which side Wells is on, still, and if we can cure Jay or not.  So much going on, and I’m enjoying so much of it.

Agent Carter – So now I’m thinking this zero matter stuff isn’t the same stuff from Agents of SHIELD.  Or at least it’s acting very differently.  So fun to see Stark being Stark.  Glad the one scientist isn’t really dead, just temporarily a ghost.  But what has it done to the actress?  That can’t be good for her or anyone else at all.

Team Ninja Warrior – Okay, I think I got the format down now.  Round one is just for show, but round two is all that counts as is the relay.  The sub for the finals lives in my town!  So many close moments, it really is a fun twist on the show to watch.

Arrow – The scenes between Felicity and Felicity were a lot of fun, and I like how she worked through her issues.  I thought that was some nice character development for her.  Glad to see Diggle’s relationship with his brother smoothing out as well.  Although I’m wondering if Andy will be the one in the grave.  I’m trying to remember if it is a regular cast member or not.  Of course, since it doesn’t sound like the writers have decided yet, my guessing might be a moot point.

Suits – That hour just flew by!  So glad to finally get the next chapter of what happens to Mike and the fallout from it.  Sounds like we are just waiting for a season ending cliffhanger, but glad we have five more episodes to watch this story unfold.

Legends of Tomorrow – What?  I’m in shock over Carter’s death.  I was not expecting that to happen at all.  Was he only in two episodes?  Or how will we find him again?  Meanwhile, I don’t get how Atom’s device was so close to the college.  That was pure coincidence.  Probably covered in a cut scene since there was once again a lot crammed into that episode.  I mean, seriously, so many characters and three stories?  Completely enjoyed it, but boy that is a lot.

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