Saturday, October 21, 2017

October 21st's Weekly TV Thoughts

I did a much better job of keeping up with TV this week.  It did help that The Orville wasn't on, but it helped that life wasn't completely crazy this week as well.

Once Upon a Time (10/13) – I had heard rumors that Emma was pregnant, but I wasn’t not expecting THAT twist.  We have Other Hook on the show, and not the Hook we already know and love.  Very interesting.  And I like it.  I really do.  I like the idea of Emma and Hook have a happily ever after.  Regina is still Regina, and I get why she came along for the ride.  So now we just need to figure out why Gold is here, and what his goals are that have aligned with Victoria’s.

Supergirl – So the new villain’s powers are gone?  I did not expect to see that coming.  Will they only turn on if her daughter is in danger?  At first, I thought Lena was going to be a great boss, but I think I can see where James is going to find her annoying.  I can definitely see both sides of their issues.  And can we just get Mon-El back already?

Dancing with the Stars – Sasha’s out.  Bummer!  There are a couple who probably should have gone before her, but her weeks were definitely numbered.  So enjoyed Disney night, as always.  It’s one of the weeks I look forward to most all season, and it didn’t disappoint again.

The Big Bang Theory – The episode had its moments, but it was a bit weak overall.  The scene with Leonard and Amy was pretty funny, as was the scene with Leonard and Beverly, and the tag scene with Sheldon getting the ticket.  In other words, I was a slow burn with some decent pay off.

The Flash – I can definitely see where Barry and Iris would have some issues to work out, and I’m glad they addressed them head on instead of letting them fester for half the season.  That climax was pretty funny with Barry’s new suit malfunctioning.  In fact, the tone was pretty fun all over.  I do wonder what is up with Caitlyn.

Lethal Weapon – Can we say “Daddy Issues.”  They were everywhere in the episode.  I’m glad the daughter didn’t get dragged into the case as a suspect more than she did, although I’m sure being kidnapped helped.  And how fun are things with this new chief?  She is adding some great comedy to the show.

Legends of Tomorrow – Not quite as funny as last week, but still lots of fun.  Was I the only one who didn’t buy the conjoined twins outfit, however?  I can’t see how anyone, even then, would buy it.  And we’ve got Amayra back on board, too.  Her powers being out of control seems like Caitlyn’s storyline on The Flash, so hopefully they go someplace different with it.

This is Us – As I was watching this, I couldn’t help but think that Rebecca treats Kate much like her mother did her.  Consider how much Rebecca hated it, that is sad.  Of course, the racism thing is obviously new.  Kevin obviously originally hurt his knee right before Jack died, so that’s part of what Kevin is going through.  And Kate is pregnant!  That is a surprising development for her.  I was expecting her story this season to be all about her singing.  Obviously not.

Survivor – Well, that didn’t go as I had hoped.  I was hoping the Joe wouldn’t actually play his idol, but he was smart to do so.  He was driving me up a wall tonight, so I wanted him gone.  Oh well.  Oh, and if it isn’t your secret to share, don’t go around talking about what other people have received in the way of advantages.  It will get you voted out.

The Good Place – Okay, admittedly a little gross, but so freaking funny!  There were a couple of really great lines and the idea that Michael was actually torturing Chidi was just great.  I’m very concerned about what Janet’s change is going to mean for the neighborhood.

Arrow – So Oliver is, what?  Going to take a step back?  I get why he’s doing it, and I applaud it.  You know it won’t last all season, but it’s going to be an interesting storyline for a few episodes, that’s for sure.

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