Saturday, October 7, 2017

October 7th's Weekly TV Thoughts

You'll notice one omission from my list.  No, I am not giving up Once Upon a Time.  But it doesn't work for me to get together with the friends I always watch the show with on Fridays, so we will keep watching on Sundays.  Yes, it's killing me!  So I will be talking about those episodes one week late this season.

Dancing with the Stars – That was a very fun night.  I can see where the judges were coming from – at times the fun got in the way of the dancing.  But I was smiling the entire way through.  And yes, I agree that Sasha’s dance could have been better, but again, I was smiling.  And ultimately, that is why I watch.

Big Bang Theory – I feel like they didn’t actually resolve anything.  Does Leonard have a job?  Are Amy and Bernadette still fighting?  Okay, that second one is a no, I’m sure, but they could play with Leonard’s job for a while, give him a good storyline.  And how long has it been since the original cast and only the original cast got some scenes together?

Lethal Weapon – As I have said, when the show is working, it is wonderful, and this was one of those episodes.  The humor was top notch, but the sub-plot with the son going to college was pitch perfect, too.  And the action at the end was great.  They’ve left plenty of room for more conflict with this new supervisor.  What is her deal?  Teasing Roger or something more?

This Is Us – I’m not always a fan of Toby, but he had the perfect response after Kate and Rebecca’s fight.  He is team Kate for life.  Absolutely correct.  I get their conflict.  Rebecca is trying to help, but it comes across wrong.  She doesn’t see it or hear it.  But hopefully this will start their communication.  And how amazing was her voice?  She seemed to really improve from last week.  Not that I thought she was really bad last week.  Sophie is good for Kevin.  And Kevin’s scene with Beth was wonderful.  Mix and match this cast, and you get great scenes no matter what.  But the scenes at The Manny were a little painful with so few cast members.  They got the point across, but it felt like they didn’t have the budget for any more guest cast members, and it really hurt those scenes.

Survivor – I don’t think the right person went home, but I do understand the vote.  It’s always easiest to get rid of someone who isn’t fitting into the tribe AND cost you the challenge.  So not too surprised, but I think there are some people left who could flip and cause more problems down the read.

Designated Survivor – That’s it?  The big bad is killed by a bomb in the second episode?  Yeah, the new show runner wants to do their own things for sure.  But it looks like we have some interesting plot points left over to drive the conspiracy portion for the season.  Hopefully, they are worth following.

The Good Place – So we finally learned how Tahani died.  Definitely worth the wait as I laughed so hard at that.  There are just so many little jokes and moments that the cast plays perfectly for laughs.  I’m very curious to see how this whole “Team Cockroach” thing works out for everyone.  Or is this Michael’s newest plan to actually torture them more?  I’m thinking that could be it now, but we shall see.

The Orville – I knew Pria was up to no good, but what exactly she was doing was a surprise.  And I knew the practical jokes would go too far, but I just about died when the leg fell down in the middle of the big confrontation scene.

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  1. I finally watched all the episodes of The Orville this week leading up to this week’s episode. I like it. Mix of Star Trek and Star Wars. It’s predictable, but that is to be expected for a show like this. It’s Seth McFarlane and he tends to be like that with his humor.