Sunday, October 1, 2017

Ornament Review: A Harry Potter Collection - 2016 Hallmark Ornaments

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Small ornaments of three iconic Harry Potter things
Cons: All cons magically shrunk
The Bottom Line:
These three ornaments
Capture Harry Potter fun
In miniature

Magical Mini Collection

Most of the miniature ornaments Hallmark has released in the last few years are original designs, but as you may have noticed, I love a good mix of pop culture and Christmas ornaments on my trees.  That’s why I made a point of snagging last year’s A Harry Potter Collection.  What better way to get three mini Harry Potter themed ornaments?

Any fan of Harry Potter would recognize these ornaments right off.  We get the Golden Snitch, the Sorting Hat, and Hedwig, Harry’s owl.  Okay, so the hat might need a little context even though the folds clearly make a face, but the others couldn’t be anything else.  Hedwig is carrying a message in her talons, but the hat and the snitch are just themselves.

And I did mention these are miniature ornaments, right?  Because they most certainly are.  Each of these three ornaments is an inch at the biggest point.  Even so, the details in the folds of the hat or the feathers on Hedwig are impressive.  It really is amazing what they can get into a mini ornament.

Because of what these ornament represent, they really don’t have the flat bottoms needed to set them out.  The hat is an exception to this, but, honestly, would you want to set out ornaments this small?  Instead, I highly recommend you plan to hang them.  Fortunately, all three hang straight.

While I don’t collect all of Hallmark’s Harry Potter ornaments, I do love the franchise, and it’s nice to have something to represent Harry on my miniature tree.  Other fans of the boy wizard looking for a very small representation of his world will be thrilled to have this collection as well.

Original Price: $15.95

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