Saturday, October 28, 2017

October 28th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Another week spent watching way too much TV.

Once Upon a Time (10/20) – They really need to do something to shake up the season.  Listening to a little kid whine “But you have to believe” is getting old when are in the seventh season.  I hope they aren’t dragging this out for the entire season but are going to come up with some way to give us a fresh twist on things.  At least next week we will hopefully learn a bit more about why Rumple is involved.

Supergirl – Lecture much?  The entire bridal shower storyline was just a lecture about prejudice.  Seriously, if the rest of the shows weren’t so good and interconnected, I think I might drop it.  And mind you, they managed to blame non-liberals for the father’s attitude even if he was looking like the bigot early on.  Phew, can’t miss an opportunity to lecture.  Fortunately, I did enjoy the story on Mars, and now that Sidney Bristow’s partner is on Earth, I hope we get to see him again.  (Yes, that's an Alias reference for those who might have missed the show.)

Dancing with the Stars – I guess I’m alone, but I like Drew’s dance.  There were a lot of good dances, in fact.  As much as I like Nick, he should have gone.  In fact, I’d argue he should have gone earlier.  He seems like a very nice person, but he was clearly the weakest dancer left at this point.

The Big Bang Theory – I was surprised at just how funny I found the book the further I went along.  Sheldon is truly fortunate he hasn’t been killed based on his spoilers alone, however.  Anyway, the jokes at Howard and Raj’s relationship were a hoot.  We don’t see Amy and Howard together much, but that was fun as well.  And I loved how Penny was handling Sheldon.

The Flash – They have definitely gone back to a lighter tone this season.  So many funny bad luck moments.  But poor Wally!  To be broken up with via box?  Yikes!  Especially one that doesn’t work.  I’m so sorry to see him gone.  I hope he at least comes back for the cross over event, although I really hope this isn’t a permanent thing.  And it looks like we will get Earth 2’s Wells this season.  I was wondering when he’d show up again, although I was expecting a new version of him.  And I was not expecting my last scene at all.  Joe’s going to be a father again??!!  That will be interesting and fun.  But my favorite part?  The shirt Cisco was wearing.

Legends of Tomorrow – I see red when I hear the term “mansplaining.”  Other than that, it was a very fun episode.  We’ve now meant the new member of the team.  So how does the water witch play into the season as a whole?  Quite obviously, she’ll be back considering her connection to Amaya.

This is Us – Jack has a brother?  I’m guessing he must have died in Vietnam based on the fact that we’ve never heard of him before.  That picture at the end certainly hinted at it, although they love to lead us astray like that.  Kevin is so irresponsible.  If he can hurt someone, he will do it.  Maybe we can work on that after we get over this pain killer addiction.  Toby’s scene in the dinner was so sweet and funny.  I might be won over to him yet based on how they are writing him this season.  He’s so less skevvy.

Survivor – I’m trying to remember when the last time someone went to a first tribal this late in the game and was the first person voted out.  Honestly, the whole “She hasn’t tried to play the game with me until today” was just being petty.  For her, this was the first time the game became real.  There’s little reason to start playing too hard until then for most people, I’m sure.

Designated Survivor – As I feared, this show is turning into all politics all the time.  That’s not why I watched season 1 at all.  I’m debating how much longer I’m going to continue it, especially since it looks like the ratings are diving.  I think if I hang in this season, I will watch the entire show.  But is it worth it since I have so much else I’m watching?  That’s the big question.

The Good Place – I was wondering if they were going to get back to Janet and Jason’s relationship from the end of season 1.  And they did it in the most funnest way possible.  You know that Derek is going to cause problems now, and I suspect that Janet will continue to glitch at the worst possible moments.  But poor Chidi.

Arrow – I was glad to see Diggle taking on the leadership mantel by the end of the episode.  That’s something I wouldn’t have wanted to see drag out too long.  However, he’s taking some kind of drug for his tremors?  That won’t end well.  If they are going to get Oliver and Felicity back together, I hope it is for good.  I’m not super big on any of the romances on this show, but constantly getting people together and breaking them apart is annoying.

The Orville – Yes, that was very, very heavy handed.  But wow was that also convicting.  How often do I fall into the trap of following the crowd on something and judging someone based on one mistake instead of letting them have some grace?  Yes, all this from a comedy sci fi show.  Oh, and even though I knew everything would be okay, I was definitely on the edge of my seat.

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