Monday, October 30, 2017

Tree Topper Review: Oh What Fun! Tree Topper - 2017 Hallmark Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Disney magic in Magic Cord topper
Cons: It definitely is pricey
The Bottom Line:
Magic tree topper
Mickey, Pluto, music fun
For your Christmas tree

What a Fun Tree Topper

Hallmark has my number.  I get the Dreambook each year hoping to see fewer things I want to buy, and every year there are just as many if not more.  As a Disnerd, there was no way I could pass up the Oh What Fun! Tree Topper.

This tree topper features Mickey and Pluto.  Mickey is filling in for Santa, and he’s sitting in the sleigh.  There are two reindeer out in front of him, but Pluto has taken the spot of the lead reindeer.  Based on the full bag of presents behind Mickey, I’d say they are just taking off from the North Pole.  How do I know where they are?  Because they are flying around a red and white striped pole with a sign on it identifying it as the North Pole.

So my problem with tree toppers is actually my tree.  They are admittedly cheap, and even when I try to put several branches together, the branches aren’t strong enough to support a tree topper.  Even the stick that Hallmark includes designed to attach to a tree branch for added support isn’t enough to hold a topper on a tree.

So why did I buy this one?  Well, first, I love Disney, and it is just so much fun.  I really do love the way it looks.  And who knows, maybe someday I will have trees that would actually support this.  For now, the base of the tree topper is strong enough and wide enough that I can easily set it next to my tree and still enjoy.

Plus there’s the fact that it is a Magic Cord piece.  When you click the button on the remote (included as are your first set of button batteries), you start the show.  As you might expect, the topper plays “Jingle Bells.”  The middle and the base of the ornament both light up, and as the music plays, the lights inside turn, displaying snowflakes and Mickey heads on your wall and ceiling.  It has to be pretty dark for them to really appear, but when they do it is a lot of fun.  Naturally, the lights on the other ornaments connect to the cord flash to the song.  The song runs approximately 45 seconds, and the lights keep turning for another minute and 15 seconds after the music stops.  During at added time, the other ornaments on the cord don’t light up.  All told, you get almost 2 minutes in the show when you push the button.

Because this requires so much power, you need to plug in a separate power adaptor (also included) to allow the topper to play and the other items plugged into your magic cord to still operate.  Otherwise, just the topper plays.

This topper is extremely similar to one released several years ago.  It was also a Magic Cord topper, and it featured Santa and his reindeer.  For a Disnerd like me, this one is much more fun with the Disney characters and the Mickey ears lights.

This was a splurge pure and simple.  And yet, I am so happy with it.  Even if I just set the Oh What Fun! Tree Topper next to my tree for years to come, I know I’ll be enjoying it.

Original Price: $99.95

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  1. Aww! I love this one! Definitely out of my price range though.