Saturday, April 14, 2018

April 14th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Another week of TV in the books.

Once Upon a Time (4/6) – Okay, so I was wrong about Nick’s true identity – it’s Hansel.  And he’s awake, which makes his desire to kill witches understandable.  Still, it’s going to be hard that Henry is going to lose this friend, not that I think they will care now that he’s been tied up like this.  And Zelena is the next target.  You knew eventually they’d have either her or Regina becoming the target.  Does this mean we will resolve this story line next week?

Deception – Much better than last week.  I’m glad to see that the brother in prison is standing up for himself now, although I found the past romance to be interesting.  Did not see the street artist twist coming, and now that’s he’s vanished, how will this translate to the mystery woman story?  And it was nice to actually see something advancing that there.

Legends of Tomorrow – Not surprised that Amaya left, but I’m sad about it.  I really liked her, and I love her with Nate.  However, they made it very clear they could never truly be together, so I saw this coming.  A bit surprised, however, to see Rip leave for good.  I always enjoyed him popping in and out.  Speaking of popping in, good to see Jax again.  And this doesn’t change my opinion of Damion.  I really hate that they brought him back to this show for this season.  Very fact set there at the end, but going after time demons next season might actually be more fun than I thought when I first heard that Constantine was going to be on the show full time next season.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  And yes, I loved Beebo being the thing they conjured to fight the demon this season.

American Ninja Warrior: Ninja Vs. Ninja – What makes it so hard to watch this show is it seems like I have people on almost every team I like and want to root for.  I was bummed that Kevin Bulls’ team left so early, but glad that Daniel Gill moved on.  After all, Tiana lives here in my town; I have to root for her.  More epic close races for sure.

Lethal Weapon – Has the show changed that much, or am I just not enjoying the same stuff I did before?  Roger is nothing but a buffoon this year.  At least Riggs is having to seriously confront his issues with his father, and I’m liking that they aren’t making it easy for him, although I still want to know how he survived being “killed” when Riggs was a teen.

The Flash – Interesting developments tonight.  The Barry/Ralph dynamic was a bit predictable but plenty of fun.  I’m really liking Ralph.  However, the developments I’m most interested in involve Devou and his wife.  Will she be the key to his undoing?  And what is Wells up to?  I have a feeling we aren’t supposed to trust him, which is probably a misdirection.

Survivor – Obviously, I’ve never played the game, but it seems to me that if you know someone is gunning for you, you would play an idol if you have it, especially if it is only good one or twice.  Look at Dom, he played an idol and didn’t need it.  I’m glad that at least one of that trio went home.  I wanted it to be Dom just because, but I’m fine with it being Chris.

Suits – I am going to miss the dynamics of these characters.  I really am.  There were so many great Mike/Harvey scenes in this episode that made me laugh.  I disagree with Rachel on Louis, but I love their relationship as well.  And the Mike/Rachel scenes were fantastic.  They are such a great couple.  And, while I’m not necessarily on the Harvey/Donna train, Harvey definitely made the right decision when Paula forced his hand.

Designated Survivor – I feel like we concluded that ARC, and it was a good conclusion.  As soon as the aid mentioned her brother, you knew we’d meet him.  At least they didn’t kill him.  But someone on the senior team is leaking information?  That is not good at all.  I’m very curious to find out who that is.  And I must say, I really like Kirkman’s brother.

Big Bang Theory – That scientist was something else.  And this is definitely not season 1 Sheldon.  He would have stayed in that cabin for months in season 1.  Leonard, too, most likely.  Yep, a small glimpse of how Sheldon has grown, which we get every so often.

Arrow – So the clip they teased us with last week of Felicity telling Oliver they needed a break was drug induced.  I’m so glad of that.  But what does Oliver think he can do on his own?  I get this is part of their story line, but I’m ready for this to be over already.  Fortunately, we are near the end of the season, but I hope they can repair the damage they’ve done to us and the character relationships.

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