Monday, August 6, 2018

Ornament Review: Genie's Lamp - 2018 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great mini ornament of a magical item
Cons: Only if you aren’t expecting a mini ornament
The Bottom Line:
Don’t need three wishes
Great mini ornament here
But it’s selling fast

Wishing for a Magical Mini Ornament?  Granted!

Since I love Disney so much, I’m always paying attention to the ornaments Hallmark releases that are Disney related.  And I wish I had a few more Disney related miniature ornaments for my miniature tree.  That’s why the Genie’s Lamp ornament caught my eye.  I wasn’t alone  in being interested in this ornament since this has proven to be a popular miniature ornament.

The ornament is just like it sounds – it’s the lamp from Aladdin that Genie lived in before Aladdin found him and eventually set him free.  It is gold in color with little markings around the top and base.  There is a little diamond shaped plastic jewel in the knob on top of the lamp.

I know I have already mentioned that this is a miniature ornament but I do want to call special attention to that.  It is at its longest an inch and a half long and just an inch high.  Don’t buy it expecting something larger.  And keep that in mind when you are thinking about how to display it.  For example, you probably won’t want to set it out unless it is part of some display since it is so small it will easily get lost.

But on a tree, especially one of Hallmark’s miniature trees, this will look great.  There is some fun detail to the lamp despite the small size, and the color will really pop.  The “diamond” will also catch the light from a Christmas tree, which will add to the fun.  And I can’t help but think of it as a diamond since Aladdin was a “diamond in the rough.”

And yes, the ornament does indeed hang straight.  Anything less would have been unmagical.

I was surprised just how popular this ornament has proved to be, with most stores I know of selling out their initial shipment the first day it was for sale in July.  If you find one in your local Hallmark, definitely snatch it up if you want it.

Because, for fans of Disney and especially Aladdin, Genie’s Lamp is going to be a must have ornament.  It may be a very itty bitty living space, but on the right tree it will be pure magic.

Original Price: $9.99

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