Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Ornament Review: Mario Kart - 2018 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great Mario Kart ornament
Cons: All cons raced away
The Bottom Line:
Mario Kart race
Winner captured in this piece
Winning ornament

This Ornament Will Race Onto Your Tree

I love the Mario Kart games.  In fact, I might have bought both the Wii and the WiiU because of Mario Kart.  So when I saw that Hallmark was releasing a Mario Kart ornament this year, I knew it was going home with me.

Mario is the character featured in the ornament, which is only appropriate.  As much fun as it is racing with the other characters, the game is named after him.  He's in a red car, which not only fits with his traditional colors in various video games, but will stand out on your Christmas tree.  But he's not just racing.  He must have just won because he's waving that checkered flag with one hand while still holding the steering wheel with the other.

Okay, so despite the fact that I just talked about how much I love this game, here's the part where I confess how unfamiliar with it I am the franchise.  I had to look and see if this particular pose was from the marketing of any particular version of the game.  I’m not seeing it, so I guess it wasn’t, but it feels like it should have been.  That’s how iconic it feels.

Being a car and a car ornament, the wheels on the ornament go round and round.  No, I wouldn't want this to be used as a toy for a child, but it is a fun feature.  Actually, most kids wouldn’t want to play with it since the wheels aren’t super smooth.  But it does mean that the ornament has a flat surface, so you can set it out to be displayed at any time.

When you got to hang the ornament on your tree, you’ll find that it tips ever so slightly to one side.  But, honestly, the tip is so slight that it is hard to notice unless you are looking for it.

If you have enjoyed the Mario Kart games as much as I have, you'll definitely want to add this ornament to your collection.  It will be fun to have for years to come.

Original Price: $17.99

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