Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Ornament Review: Season's Treatings 10th Anniversary - 2018 Hallmark Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Delicious looking serving of hot chocolate
Cons: Under produced, even for a limited ornament
The Bottom Line:
Brings hot chocolate limited
That proved to be hot

Raise a Mug of Hot Chocolate in Honor of Season's Treatings' 10th Anniversary

Hallmark's Season's Treatings series proved to be a hit right out of the gate.  How can you go wrong with ornaments of sweets?  This year marks the series' 10th anniversary, and Hallmark released a limited edition ornament to mark the occasion.

This ornament features a treat we haven't seen in the series yet - hot chocolate.  In fact, this is the first time we've seen a liquid treat for the series at all.  The hot chocolate itself is being kept warm in a Santa teapot.  It's mostly red and white, and Santa looks extra jolly.  There are two mugs filled with hot chocolate and little marshmallows floating on top.  The mugs themselves are red with green polka dots and a gold trim.  Next to the mugs are a couple of candy canes in case you want to turn your hot chocolate into peppermint hot chocolate and a green bowl filled with marshmallows.  All of this is sitting on a green and gold tray.

All the ornaments in this series can be deadly to your waist line, and this one is no exception.  I mean, who doesn't love hot chocolate?  And adding peppermint and/or marshmallows?  My mouth is watering just thinking about it, and it isn't yet what passes for cold weather here in Southern California.  The red and green colors make it feel Christmassy, and it is mostly red, so it will stand out on your green Christmas tree.

My only complaint, and it is a minor one, is that I prefer the anniversary ornaments that reference some of the releases in the rest of the series.  But trust me, that is a very minor complaint.

I'm not the only one who loved this ornament.  It sold out instantly when it was released this month.  It doesn't help that Hallmark really underproduced it.  Frankly, that surprises me since this is such a popular series.  I get the desire with limited ornaments to create buzz and get people into their stores for the release events.  However, when something is really under produced, that just leaves collectors feeling frustrated.  I think they could have double production, and they still wouldn't have come close to meeting half the demand for this ornament.  So if you want it, I suggest you snag it as soon as you find one you can afford.

Since this ornament features a tray as a base, you can easily set it out to be displayed on any flat surface.  If you are looking to hang the ornament, you'll find that it tips forward a little.  Normally, that might bother me, but the ornaments in this series are all designed to have tilt, and this one looks like it fits with the rest perfectly.

My guess is this will become a much sought after ornament on the secondary market for years to come, and with good reason.  I am happy I was able to snag a copy of it for my collection.

Here's the rest of the delicious Season's Treatings series.

Original Price: $12.99

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