Saturday, October 20, 2018

October 20th's Weekly TV Thoughts

My final new show of the year premiered this week.  Less than impressed with it, but we'll get to that in a moment.  It looks like I will only pick up one new show this year, and I've dropped a returning show.  If Monday and Tuesday weren't so full, maybe I'd have time to do some serious TV rewatching like I keep talking about doing.

Supergirl - I knew J’onn would prove to be correct that it was a hate crime, but it sure wasn't looking at it.  And in some ways, that first attack wasn't.  I think they would have gone after any human who had access to that lab.  The fact that it was an alien was just a bonus for them.  So, now the world knows that the President is an alien.  I was wondering if they were going to bring that back up at all.  I guess that is how the VP is going to come into play in future episodes.

God Friended Me – I’m not surprised we have a lesbian character on the show now.  Disappointed about that, but not surprised.  I didn’t see the final twist in the main storyline coming, however, but I should have.  After all, we had two characters to help, surely there was a connection between them.

Dancing with the Stars - Are we in for a season where the person in jeopardy the week before is destined to leave the following week?  I hope not, especially since Joe needs to go.  He appears to be a nice guy, and he's having fun, but this is about dance and not either of those two things.

Arrow – Oliver needs to get out of prison.  Seriously, I’m over that storyline already, and I was when he got sent to prison last season.  Then again, I’m not a fan of characters I like in prison on any show.  I hope they don’t drag it out too long.  I’m ready to find out how everyone is going to go back to being heroes.  So, how far of a leap is the future William.  He’s grown up enough they got a different actor to play him.  I’m guessing Roy in the Green Arrow in the present day, but what does William finding him on the island have to do with him being in Star City now.  And what happens between Roy and Thea?  So many questions!

The Flash – This is a very interesting Big Bad we’ve got this season.  I haven’t quite figured out what his power is or what his deal is.  I’m getting a little tired of Nora already, although her presence gave us that great Joe/Barry scene.  Honestly, I loved the villainess of the week.  Wouldn’t have minded seeing more of her.

This is Us – So how long was Jack’s brother in that one location that Jack could enlist, get sent over there, and eventually get to a place where he could reunite with his brother?  And all that talking while they were walking through the field?  So many clichés in just the first few minutes.  I’m not a fan of the episodes where they spend all their time in the past as it is, but this one definitely was weak.

The Rookie – The only reason I gave this show a chance was because it stars Nathan Fillion, aka Castle.  (Not a big fan of Firefly, but I loved Castle.)  Unfortunately, it looks like it will be exactly the show I was expecting it to be.  We’re going to have a soap opera about a bunch of rookie cops.  I rolled my eyes so many times over the course of the pilot alone.  We’ve got the forbidden romance, the legacy that freezes, and training officers competing for promotion.  I’ll watch next week, but it will have to be something pretty spectacular to get me to watch more than that.

Survivor – Seriously, I need Natalie off my TV now.  Don’t make me come there and vote her off myself.  When I saw how the tribes broke down, I was concerned the Davids wouldn’t be able to pull it off.  They still might not make it, but after that vote, there is a chance.  And they just have to make it to the merge at this point, which is probably only another tribal or two away.

Big Bang Theory – Amusing, but I feel like we’ve seen these things before.  It is nice to see President Siebert again since he hasn’t been able to be on it for several years.  I definitely think the writers are out of things to do with the characters, so I think it is a good thing the series is ending when it is.

The Good Place – That was such a funny episode.  The little moments and the little lines were pretty good.  Everyone got their moment to shine, too.  But the explanation of time in the afterlife was probably my favorite scene.  So funny!  Yet it was Elinore who came up with the plan in the end.  No matter how much the show wants to paint her as a selfish person, she still winds up coming through and proving to be good deep down.

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