Monday, April 19, 2021

Disney Pin Review: Pinocchio Billiards - All Star Trading Cards #4

: 4 out of 5
Pros: Pinocchio represents another unusual sport
Cons: Is billiards a sport?
The Bottom Line:
Another sports card
As Pinocchio takes shot
It’s good overall

Honestly, I Do Have Questions About This Pin

I’ve been praising the All Stars Trading Cards pins for highlighting some different sports.  That’s not to say that I don’t see issues with some of the sports chosen.  For example, the April pin shows Pinocchio playing billiards.

The pin itself fits in well with the rest of the series.  It’s a rectangle since this is supposed to be a sports card.  We see Pinocchio kneeling on a billiards table, cue stick in his hand, as he gets ready for another shot.  We see a couple of balls on the table as well.  Billiards is written in a stripe of blue glitter on the bottom of the pin, and Pinocchio has signed the top of the card.  Pinocchio is a raised pin on pin.

As I said, this pin fits in well with the rest of the series.  As usual, I love how it ties to something Pinocchio does in his movie.  I feel like, more than any other pin in the series, this is a shot taken directly from the movie, in fact.  Then again, it’s been years since I watched Pinocchio (it’s not a favorite), so I could be wrong on that.

My issue is if billiards is really a sport.  Yes, I’ve caught it being broadcast on sports channels.  That doesn’t factor in to my definition.  After all, they air lots of poker, and I consider that a game, but not a sport.   Same, for me, with billiards.  Yes, it does require skill, so I’m not knocking it.  And I enjoy it, so I’ll let it slide.

Those collecting this sports themed series will certainly enjoy this pin.  It’s nice to see Pinocchio captured doing something a bit out of the ordinary for him.

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