Monday, April 26, 2021

Ornament Review: Timothy Q. Mouse - 2020 Hallmark Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great look for Timothy
Cons: His tail might become an issue
The Bottom Line:
Sidekick character
Finally gets ornament
His fans will love it

Dumbo’s Friend Timothy Gets the Spotlight

As I said a couple of weeks ago, I have several ornaments of Dumbo.  What I didn’t have was an ornament of his friend Timothy Q. Mouse.  But I fixed that with the limited edition ornament that Hallmark released in 2020.

This ornament ties in to Dumbo Takes Flight.  Sort of.  In reality, for the climax, Timothy was sitting in Dumbo’s hat.  But that doesn’t make for a great ornament of Timothy, so for this ornament, he’s standing firmly on the ground.  He’s dressed up as a circus ringmaster in a red coat with yellow buttons.  He’s got his hat in one hand, and the other is holding a peanut in a shell.  He’s looking up as if he’s holding the reward for Dumbo after a successful flight.

This ornament also isn’t to scale at all.  Why do I say that?  Because if it were, Timothy would be a miniature ornament.  Instead, he’s a normal sized ornament.  And I’m glad.  As much as I enjoy the mini ornaments, it’s nice to have Timothy being regular sized.

And he looks great.  Anyone familiar with Disney would immediately know who this is.  He may not be recognizable from any particular scene, but that hardly matters.  He looks like himself, and he looks great.

Timothy is firmly planted on a bit of ground under the big top, so the ornament has a nice oval base you can use to set it out to be displayed year round.  After all, there isn’t anything particularly Christmas related about the ornament.  If you want to hang it on your tree, you’ll find that he hangs straight.

The only issue there might be with this ornament is the tail.  It is sticking up and actually reaches over Timothy’s head.  It’s a separate piece of plastic and is a little loose.  Or at least mine is.  It’s hard to get the hook in the loop on Timothy’s head without hitting the tail, too.  The end result is that the tail flops around a little.  Hopefully, it isn’t enough that the tail will come out, but you’ll want to be careful of that.

That issue aside, this is a great ornament of Timothy Q. Mouse.  It’s always nice to get a new Disney character for my collection, and he looks wonderful.

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