Sunday, April 25, 2021

Disney Pin Review: Stitch Crashs Lady and the Tramp - Stitch Crashes Disney #2 - 2021 Release


Stars: 3 out of 5
Pros: Creative take on Lady and the Tramp’s famous spaghetti scene
Cons: Very abstract
The Bottom Line:
A romantic meal
Stitch goes over the top here
Could be toned down some

Is Stitch Crashing Disney or Getting into a Food Fight?

The Stitch Crashes Disney limited series hasn’t proved as overall popular as some of the previous series from Disney have been.  While the plushes sell out immediately, the rest of the merchandise stays on ShopDisney for quite a while after release.  (And the releases are getting pushed back, too.)  The second release didn’t help the series at all.

For the February release, Stitch crashed the classic Lady and the Tramp.  And, honestly, he doesn’t look like himself at all.  Of course, Stitch has landed in the middle of the famous spaghetti scene.  He’s perfected his chameleon act, and his skin is partially covered in the red and white checkerboard of the table cloth.  The rest of his skin is covered in meatballs and cheese.  On top of his head is a pile of actual spaghetti with a meatball on top, and he has a strand of spaghetti in his mouth.

I get why they picked Lady and the Tramp for the second movie.  February means romance, and the spaghetti scene is a classic romantic scene.  But the pin itself is odd.  First of all, Stitch isn’t his normal color at all.  If it weren’t for the shape, I’m not completely sure I would recognize him.  The pattern he has is just too busy as well.  I liked the first one because Stitch still looked like Stitch while being rethemed.  I think here, a few meatballs in a pattern on his skin and the pile on his head would have looked better.

In fact, my first thought was I wasn’t going to get it, but when I looked at it more, and it did grow on me.  There is something about it that made me decide to get it, so it isn’t completely ugly.  Still, I think something more like I described might have kept those on the fence interested in this series.  He’s just a little too abstract here.

Once again, the card this pin comes on gets into the act.  It’s designed to look like a film strip with holes in the sides.  The picture in the middle is of the restaurant where Lady and Tramp had their memorable meal.

This is a jumbo pin, so it is a couple of inches big.  That is factored into the price as well.  This isn’t something you’ll wear in the parks, but it is something Stitch fans will enjoy owning.

I can’t give this pin my full recommendation, but I think I’m in for the entire run of Stitch Crashes Disney, whenever the rest of those pins actually wind up shipping.

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