Saturday, April 24, 2021

April 24th's Weekly TV Thoughts

 Didn't have time to watch my Thursday and Friday stuff.  I'll have to catch up on that next week.  But here's the little I did get watched this week.

Batwoman – Well, Sophie did figure out the secret, but it was because of something Luke did that got left behind.  Still, I think that is going to make things very interesting going forward.  Definitely missed Mary in this episode.  Since they were using her car, it felt awkward her not being there, too.  Angelique managed to talk herself out of being the tester for the drug, but how much longer is she going to be able to dodge the danger?

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – No wonder they left us hanging with Emily’s problem – they took most of this episode to finally get it out of her.  What a powerful episode.  Good, fun and times, but heavy at others when it needed to be.  In other words, it’s what this show does best.  They really do mix up the fun and the drama in one episode without making any of it feel out of place.

Supergirl – Can we please get Kara back from the Phantom Zone already?  Please and thank you.  And did we just kill off her dad?  I mean, I didn’t expect him to be around all the time, but that’s still just so wrong to find him again and then have him die so soon.  At least we got rid of the phantoms.  And I loved the scene at the end between Alex and Lena.  So much truth in that not just for their team, but in real life.  It’s the differences that make us stronger.

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