Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 30th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Remind me who it was again who thought it was a good idea to go out of town just as May sweeps is starting?  I have a feeling when I get back I will never get caught up.  Just look at how few shows I got watched this week thanks to my trip.

Once Upon a Time – Am I alone, or did it seem a little too easy for Regina and Zelena to forgive each other and move on.  I get that they didn’t know about that bond from their childhood, but they’ve done some nasty stuff to each other.  I was looking forward to watching Zelena change, but this was too sudden for my taste.  On the other hand, that final scene was great, and I can’t wait to see how that plays out next week.

Dancing with the Stars – Got to admit I was not sorry to see Nyle brought down a couple of pegs in his scores this week.  Yes, he’s talented, but his bragging during the package was a bit much.  Maybe he was trying to be funny and it just didn’t come across right.  At least I hope that was the case.  Not surprised that Doug left.  Sorry to see him go, but he was the weak link at this point.

Castle – So how did that guy survive his first two murders?  I mean, it was a great premise to an episode, but they usually give us an explanation when they pull something like that.  I felt so sorry for the guy at the end, too.  Still, it was a fun episode, and they are obviously building toward the LockStat solution at the end of the season.  If only I felt I could trust the end of the season to be something I would like.

Flash – I do hope that’s the last we will see of Killer Frost.  I love Kaitlyn, and if they turn the real her into that villain, I won’t be happy.  I was good watching Barry work without his speed and still defeat the villain.  I loved Wally’s reaction to last week.  A bit more of the character stuff I loved from season one, although I think that’s what’s been missing overall this season.

Agents of SHIELD – It’s either Fitz or Simmons who is going to die before the season is over.  Seriously, could they have telegraphed it any more loudly?  And I don’t think the writers are creative enough to pull a switch like that on this show.  Not that this week wasn’t interesting, but really, I’m out when this season is over.

Rush Hour – Did not see that twist with his sister coming.  But I like it!  I’m glad to know she is really on the same side as her brother even if he can’t find out until her undercover case is wrapped up.  Definitely felt a bit darker overall, although it still had some light, comedic moments.

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