Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 3rd's Weekly TV Thoughts

The Amazing Race - Maybe the Cowboys weren't so smart to give the Country Girls that pass earlier in the season.  Can't believe they've lasted this long, although hitting two non-elimination legs has certainly helped.

Dancing with the Stars - Candice was saved!  And they told her right away instead of at the end of the episode.  With all the injuries, it will be very interesting to see who can even dance this week.

Melissa & Joey - I was surprised when I thought they were going with a baby for Melissa & Joey.  It just seemed too soon.  The comic complications of the plot were pretty funny, plus it brought us a reunion between Lennox and Zander.  I'm a bit surprised they didn't talk more about Beth Broderick playing the doctor since she was Aunt Zelda on Sabrina for six seasons.  Yep, another cast reunion, even if just for a very brief scene.

Survivor - Tony has two idols?  Augh!!!  I so want him gone.  Although I have to say it was wonderful to see the guys pull together and keep the girls from out numbering them at the end.  They are usually way too stupid to pull that off.

Arrow - This show is getting so intense.  I was on the edge of my seat for the last 15 minutes, and I'm counting down the seconds until I can find out what happens next.  I don't see how they are going to resolve all of this or even any of this at the moment.  Everyone just seems way too much over their heads in danger.

The Big Bang Theory - I'm sorry to see Professor Proton died, but it was a very, very funny episode all the way around.  And it made me want to have a Star Wars marathon myself, although with church and ultimate tomorrow, I don't see that actually happening.  Maybe one year.


  1. I love Survivor and I wanted Tony gone a long time ago. I don't think he'll ever leave at this point.

    1. I don't think he's going anywhere either. I want him gone, but if he sticks to the end, I could see a good argument for him winning.

  2. This is such a neat post!! You should make it a weekly meme where others can add their thoughts to a linky. It'd be neat to see what everyone else thinks of the shows they watch.

    I watch every show you mentioned except for Dancing With The Stars and Arrow. In fact, I've never heard of Arrow so I'll be checking it out.

    Here are my thoughts:
    The Amazing Race: I really want Leo & Jamal or Cord & Jet to win. I was rooting for Dave & Conner until Dave got so snarky when Brenchel used the road block on them. They don't know that they wouldn't have used it on someone if they'd gotten there first. It's a race for a million dollars!!! I'd do whatever I felt I need to do too!

    Melissa & Joey: I was shocked when I thought they were going to have a baby too! I thought it would change the show to much. I'm glad that Lennox and Zander got back together since it was obvious they still care for each other. I didn't watch Sabrina so I didn't have a clue who the doctor was.
    The episode was hilarious, but it is every week!

    Survivor: When I haven't made up my mind yet who I want to win, but I do know I don't want it to be Spencer. For some reason he just rubs me the wrong way with some of the comments he makes. Tony is a idol finding machine so he's probably in it for at least a few more weeks. Maybe till the end with his luck!

    The Big Bang Theory: I was sad that Professor Proton died too, but hopefully they'll keep his Jedi self coming back once in a while. I loved when Sheldon gave Leonard a hug!! Didn't you think the cake Amy & Bernadette made was neat?

    1. Funny, I think you're the first person I've heard actually root for Leo & Jamal after their antics last season. Dave & Conner did over react to the U-Turn. Some team always does.

      I loved that cake Amy & Bernadette made. Frankly, the entire episode was outstanding.