Saturday, May 23, 2015

Weekly TV Thoughts - May 23rd

It's like May sweeps ended on Wednesday or something.  It's actually been weird the last couple of days without a lot of TV to watch.

Dancing with the Stars – I pretty much agree with the judges and the results.  As much as I loved Noah (and what wasn’t to love?), he just isn’t quite as good as the other two.  I honestly couldn’t decide between Ryker and Rumor, so I would have been happy with either of them winning, and Rumor’s win was great.

The Flash – Wow.  Just wow.  I don’t know why I was expecting anything less from the show, which has been amazing all season.  There were so many emotional moments, and the cast pulled them off brilliantly.  But that last act, between Barry and his mom and Eddie’s sacrifice.  Just wow!  And that’s the worst cliffhanger of the season, too.

Young and Hungry – I must admit, I was surprised at this.  I expected Cooper to be around another few episodes.  And, since I’m new to the show, I didn’t know about the event that Cooper used against Josh in the cliffhanger.  Interesting development for sure.

Survivor – I’ll admit, I’d gotten so I was rooting for Mike after my comment about no one being worthy of winning a few weeks back.  I’m so thrilled to see him win.  Yep, still rooting for the underdog, I guess.  And what does it say about me that I don’t remember who most of the people are who are on the second chances cast next season?  Oh well, I’ll remember who most of them are fairly quickly, I’m sure – at least the most memorable ones.


  1. I felt the same way about Dancing with the Stars. I liked Noah and was impressed with his abilities and his attitudes Rumor and Ryker are both incredible dancers. I'm already looking forward to next season of this one.

    1. I must admit, every season I think about giving up Dancing with the Stars because of the time commitment involved, but they always have some celebrity I want to see on it, so I wind up watching and enjoying it. I'm sure they'll do it again next season.