Saturday, April 23, 2016

April 23rd's Weekly TV Thoughts

Like everyone else, I feel the need to weigh in on the Castle situation.  I love that show, and I have loved it since season 1.  While I must admit the first couple of years I didn't care as much about the relationship, they slowly won me over on that front as well, and the character growth we've seen from Castle and Beckett is amazing.  So now they are going to throw that all away and expect me to keep watching Castle without Beckett?  Seriously?  When the show has been as much romantic comedy as mystery show?  Sorry, not going to happen.  Need to cut costs?  There are plenty of other actors you could have started with.  Honestly, I'm debating if I want to finish out this season or just stop watching now since I know I won't like how they write Beckett off the show.  My only hope is that they decide to cancel the show so we get a happy ending.  If not, my collection of season DVD sets will stop with season 7 when we did get a nice ending, and I'll pretend this never happened.  Plus I'll stop reading the Nikki Heat books, too.

Okay, deep breath.  Now, shall we get to watch I watched this week?  Heck, my first season finale of the year is on my list.

Once Upon a Time – Well, I guessed the lesbian romance wrong, until this episode started.  But I’m most intrigued by Belle.  Will her plan really work?  And what does it say about her relationship with Gold that she knew he couldn’t awaken her.  Will there be a battle in Storybrooke now?  Or is Snow White going on maternity leave?  (She and Belle were pregnant in real life while this was filming.)  Not super surprised with the twist there, but I still like how it was done.

Dancing with the Stars – I always find it interesting when they do the switch up.  It shows us as much about the pros as the stars.  The results were a bit more mixed this time around, although the scores were closer than the judges’ comments were.  But I definitely think we’ve proved the deaf guy is the best dancer this season.

Supergirl – Love the season finale.  Okay, so it wasn’t anything super unexpected, but there were so many wonderful character moments it was just fantastic.  Wondering what was in the pod for the cliffhanger for sure.  CBS had better renew this show.

Castle – So it was Hayley’s turn for a focused episode.  Very interesting and a nice twist on their normal formula.  However, the whole Beckett dream thing?  Not that original or fun.  Heck, Newhart did it better in the 80’s.

The Flash – Well, I knew that we wouldn’t defeat Zoom this week.  After all, what would we do the rest of the season.  Still, Barry without his speed?  Again this season?  And Caitlin kidnapped?  This is going to be very interesting for the rest of the season.

Agents of SHIELD – Daisy was the last person I suspected of being the infected mole.  I thought it was Lincoln as soon as they said there was a mole, so they definitely got me.  This must have been my enjoyable episode for the month, so sorry that the next few will be lacking.

Survivor – Tai is done.  No one will trust him now, especially with how that went down with Scott.  Frankly, that’s okay with me because I never really liked him.  But who knows.  I sure can’t second guess this season at all, so we will see if the big alliance has the power or not.

Legends of Tomorrow – That was as much fun as I hoped it would be.  Meeting the younger selves provided a few laughs, although the more serious moment between Jefferson and his dad was the true highlight.  And young Rip killing the villain was a great touch.  Plus they’ve upped the stakes on the mission, although I’m wondering how they can possibly make this last the four episodes left in the season with the ticking clock they’ve just put on things.

Big Bang Theory – I really figured that Penny would be siding with Leonard now after having to put up with Sheldon as a roommate, and as much as I do love their relationship, it was nice to see someone call them out on it.  That final scene was the best, however.

The Odd Couple – Kind of saw Oscar’s storyline coming.  However, the ending with Felix took me completely by surprise.  I love it.  They seem to focus more on Oscar, but I’m really loving Felix so far this season.

Rush Hour – Another fun episode.  Characters are only so so, but the action is absolutely wonderful and the stories are great.

The Amazing Race – Brodie, I’m rooting for you most on your team.  You are going to have to really step it up if the rest of the Road Blocks are on you.  At least they weren’t eliminated this week, so they have a chance to start climbing back next Friday.


  1. I have no idea what's going on with Castle and after reading your comments I'm pretty sure I don't want too. It sounds like they're tanking what was a really great show. I've been re-watching the first few seasons and had forgotten how much I had enjoyed it. I'm really enjoying Dancing with the Stars this season. I really like them all so I think pretty much every elimination will be kind of surprising but yeah Nyle is awesome. I'm liking Rush Hour so far. It's a little silly but I thought the mystery part has been decent and it's just fun.

    1. Castle - essentially, the actress who plays Beckett, the female lead on the show, is not going to be back for season 9 if the show is renewed. Since Castle and Becket are married, it's horrible. (And yes, I should have tried to work that into my rant, shouldn't I?)

  2. Crossing my fingers they renew Supergirl too. And I would think ending Castle would be a better end for them all, rather than limping along, guess we'll see.

    1. They were already limping along this year. A change as drastic as they are talking about making is just going to make it worse.