Saturday, November 26, 2016

November 26th's Weekly TV Thoughts

With Thanksgiving this week, I'm out of town with my family and enjoying some non-TV time.  Yes, I'll have to catch up on some shows when I get back, and I'll post about them next week.  But for now, here is what I did watch.

You'll notice that Shooter isn't on the list.  I knew I wouldn't have time to watch it before I left, and I decided to just let it go.  It probably got better after the pilot, but I don't need another show, and the pilot was so slow that I felt it wasn't worth trying to follow it.

Girl Meets World (11/18) – Yeah, I know, I missed this one.  But with this being a short week, that worked out okay.  I was actually surprised with where they went with the episode, having the actress being Katie’s former best friend.  It’s important to remember that people are more important than anything else.  And the guys auditioning to play themselves was hilarious.  Heck, the screenwriter’s scenes in the classroom were hilarious as well.

The Librarians – It’s back!  I really do enjoy this show.  And it sounds like we are in for a ton of fun as we start fighting Chaos in the ultimate battle of good and evil.  Of course, that does leave me wondering where we will go next season.  Still, it was fun to have everyone back and the comedy, especially with the sub, was great.

Supergirl – We saw Jeremiah!  So, the question is, what will the reprocutions of him helping Kara be?  You know there will be some.  As much as I’m not enjoying Alex’s storyline, I am glad she stood up for herself.  And she already knows who Guardian is.  That will be interesting, especially when Kara finds out.  Then again, they didn’t really have Kara keep her secret from many people in season one, so I like the fact that they are mirroring that with James/Guardian this season.

The Odd Couple – I saw where the two plots were going at least at first.  I certainly didn’t see the speeches turning out like they did.  And Felix’s meltdown was very funny.

Dancing with the Stars – The redemption dances were good, but those freestyles were amazing!  I always enjoy those so much because of the creativity that everyone puts into them.  I get the pressure, but I love the results.  I must admit I was really rooting for James, so I’m a little disappointed with the outcome.  Not that Laurie didn’t deserve to win and isn’t a sweetheart, but I was just hoping for James.  But as the judges said, all three of the finalists were awesome.  I would not have been truly upset with any of them winning.

The Flash – Just when I think the show has forgotten it’s heart, they offer an episode like this, where we get to see so much of all the characters and who they are, and it makes me fall in love with this team all over again.  I’m worried that we haven’t seen the last of Killer Frost and that Wally is going to have a hard time because of what his dad did.  I knew that Julian was involved somehow.  Seriously, can we get a new “twist” on this show?  Please?  And it was fun to see Greg Grunberg pop up here since I’ve been a fan since his days on Alias.

Team Ninja Warrior College Edition – I was hoping the ultimate Frisbee player would do better on the course, so that was disappointing.  On the other hand, it was fun seeing where the Georgia students were fun.  I recognized the towns from work.  Some of them were very good.  I bet we’re going to see them on the main show and doing well on it in a couple of years if the show stays around.  I’m looking forward to seeing what other colleges show up in the next few weeks.  Although Katy needs to come up with a different question when a woman tops the warped wall.

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