Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pin Review: Peter and the Wolf - Storybook Classic Collection #3 - 2016 Disney Store Release

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: One great moments from Peter and the Wolf
Cons: Inside scene has two characters but not from the actual short
The Bottom Line:
Peter stalks the wolf
Celebrated with this pin
DisNerds will love it

Peter Gets His Storybook Pin

No, I’m not talking about Peter Pan, which is always the first Peter Disney character I think of.  For the Storybook Classics ornament and pin series, The Disney Store has chosen mostly forgotten characters, so this Peter is Peter and the Wolf from one of the segments of Make Mine Music.

This pin lives up to the storybook part of the series name with two scenes, one on the cover and one inside.  On the cover, we get Peter stalking after the wolf through the snowy forest.  H’es joined by his friends the bird, the duck, and the cat.  It’s a white outline over a light blue background, so there isn’t much in the way of detail or color, but it gets the point across and the color choice is wonderful at capturing the feel of the scene.

Inside, we get a full color scene.  Peter’s just been knocked out, or at least he looks like he’s taken a hard whack to the head, and the birds is on his right yelling at him.

Honestly, I didn’t remember much about this short until I rewatched it after getting the pin.  The first scene is something from the short, but unless I blinked and missed it, the inside scene is just two characters and not actually in the short.  That’s a bit disappointing.

Because this pin is on the heavy side, we get to places in the back for it to connect.  Personally, I worry about pins like this if I try to wear them, but I do love having them in my collection.

So if you are looking for a pin with lesser known Disney characters on them, I definitely recommend getting this one for Peter of Peter and the Wolf fame.

And if you enjoy this pin, you'll want to get the rest of the Storybook Classic Collection


  1. Sounds fascinating, can we have a look at a picture of this?

    1. The picture I link are normally from Amazon, and this one doesn't have a listing yet. But I do have a picture of it over on my Pinterest page.