Saturday, November 19, 2016

November 19th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Apparently, I misunderstood what was happening with Conviction.  It aired like normal on Monday night.  But I decided to cut ties with it, so I didn't watch it.  I guess you could say I didn't feel convicted to watch it any more.  (Sorry, my brain thinks that is funny now but it will probably cringe when I read it again.)

Meanwhile, here is what I did watch this week.

Once Upon a Time – This may be my favorite episode of the season so far.  No flashbacks, but there wasn’t time with so many things going on.  They touched on and advanced so many of the stories, even bringing in Aladdin, Jasmin, and Henry’s girlfriend.  Lana is killing it as Regina and the Evil Queen, and the scenes with Snow and David were top notch as well.  Not having a plot like the last few seasons has been wonderful for the show this year because it truly does let us see all the main characters instead of sometimes stretching to include them in things.

Dancing with the Stars – It’s hard to argue the right person went home with the scores she got this week.  Yet I can’t think of who should have gone home.  Such a talented group of finalists.  I can hardly wait to see what they do next week.

Supergirl – Could they have sermonized any more?  Alex’s coming out was so clichéd.  Sorry, but that’s how it felt to me.  And then we get the lectures about Global Warming.  Yes, I know that guy was the villain, but still.  Things I did enjoy?  Seeing Lt. Disher from Monk very briefly.  Very intrigued by what happened via the blood transfusion.  How long will it be before Kara figures out who Guardian is?  Lots of interesting stuff to come, it just wasn’t a good episode overall.

The Odd Couple – On the other hand, I rather enjoyed this episode of the show.  The grandson was the biggest surprise.  Well, I’m shocked that Felix and Emily broke up.  I wonder how long that will last.  I like the potential of growth for her character, but I’m still a pick shocked about that.  And I’ve gone from being ready to give it up to being willing to keep watching.

The Flash – A cliffhanger!  Yikes, I can’t wait to see what happens with all of that.  And maybe I’m not that upset with them creating this alternative timeline since it is allowing for quite a bit with the characters.  Any thoughts that Julian is going to turn out to be Chronos?  That’s my current theory.  And just say no to Killer Frost, please.  I like Caitlin the way she is.  (Although I still want Diggle’s daughter back on Arrow.)

Shooter – I am coming to this show not having seen the movie on which it is based.  Frankly, I think I should just watch the movie and call it a day.  The pilot was only exciting in the last couple of minutes, and we knew that was coming from the very beginning.  And with Designated Survivor on now and 24 coming back in February, I really don’t need another conspiracy show of this kind.  I may give it another chance, but I probably will pass.

Survivor – The Millennials could have taken this easily.  But they are clearly imploding.  I’m all for that.  Go GenX!  Of course, stealing food like that?  How stupid can you be?  And I’m wondering what the fallout of the reward advantage is going to be?  People didn’t seem as upset over that as they were supposed to be at this tribal.

Arrow – Well, at least one of the new Team Arrow people isn’t in it for the long hall.  That’s too bad.  But who is this new vigilante?  I do hope that Lance once again gets the help he needs.  It’s hard to see him imploding like this.  I get why, but it’s hard.

Lethal Weapon – I found that I missed Murtog’s family.  I always enjoy the spark they add to things.  However, it was interesting to see Riggs having a bit of a spark with someone.  I know it won’t last since she’s a guest star, but still, I enjoyed that.  And a few good action scenes, too, especially in the very beginning.

Designated Survivor – Wow!  This show took a turn for the intense.  Kidnapped son.  Spotting the killer.  A VP pick in on the conspiracy.  And that’s just the FBI portion of the show.  I’m actually finding myself enjoying the Kirkman’s son sub-plot this episode.  I love that he knew and married his wife anyway since I love their relationship.  I hope their son doesn’t flip out too much.

Legends of Tomorrow – Maybe it’s because I don’t know the comics or I forgot something from last time, but what is going on with Jonah’s face?  That was seriously creeping me out.  Loved how they moved several things forward, but I’m most curious about these flashes that Martin is having.  And I got some excited to see the last few moments.  The crossover is coming!!!!  I can’t wait for that.

Big Bang Theory – Usually, they don’t have the A and B stories come together, but the way they did at the end was absolutely brilliant.  And both stories had some great moments this week.  Heck, we even got to see Barry, something I wasn’t sure would happen since he has his own show on ABC this year.  (Well, the actor, not Barry.)  All in all, another fun episode.

The Great Indoors – Definitely their best episode yet, and that was because they went with character and story over trying to force generation vs. generation jokes.  Having said that, I was dying at the 90’s jokes.  Still, if they can continue to grow the characters and the jokes from them, I’ll be more willing to stick around.


  1. I really enjoyed The Big Bang Theory this week and am loving Dancing with the Stars this season! Can they all win? I was sad to see the person who went go but I really would've felt the same way about any of them I think!