Saturday, July 15, 2017

July 15th's Weekly TV Thoughts

A scripted show!  It's actually nice to have a scripted show in the running again.  Wow, how times have changed from when I watched so many USA Network shows, right?

American Ninja Warrior – I’m surprised I didn’t break down crying during the episode myself.  The stories of loss were so hard to take.  I’m sure that was partially a factor of the book I’m reading which is showing us how upsetting the murder is to the victim’s family.  Anyway, loved seeing two women hit the buzzer.  And their boyfriends, too.  Quite a few finishers, which I always like to see.

Spartan – Still rooting for Heart of Texas.  And, I think I’m reading to see Commanding Officers go.  They’ve hit second twice now.  But I’m probably just being hard hearted.  Sorry to see last year’s winners eliminated as well.  I had hoped they’d at least make it long enough to defeat their old captain.  As much as I loved the third place teams from both legs originally, I’m not too surprised they were eliminated.  They were real underdogs to begin with, and at some point they were going to go.

Suits – So nice to have a scripted series back in the mix!  They set up a lot of interesting potential in this episode.  Donna as a partner.  I bet that won’t get smoothly.  Is Rachel out of law school now?  Her being in charge of the associates should be fun.  Louis is about the only one I’m not sure about since they didn’t give him a clear direction for the season yet.

Battle of the Network Stars – What was funny to me is that the stars I know best on the show are from USA Network shows and not from the shows that got them on these teams.  Speaking of which, why wasn’t anyone from Suits on the Lawyer team?  Outside of the obstacle course, it did seem to be fairly one sided.  Still it came down to the tug of war again.

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