Saturday, July 1, 2017

July 1st's Weekly TV Thoughts

Just as one show (Team Ninja Warrior) is coming to an end, and other (Battle of the Network Stars) begins.  That was such wonderful planning for me on everyone's part.

American Ninja Warrior – I was rooting for both of those dads, but they fell short.  Really, this show can tug at the heartstrings.  I wish all of those people made it far enough to go on.  Of course, the show is predictable with their editing.  I knew the guy who went second wouldn’t make it very far before he proposed.  Still, predictable editing aside, it always amazes me what people can do.  And congrats to the walk on who designed an obstacles as well.

Spartan – I was rooting for the siblings in the second race.  Yes, I was rooting for the Mathletes in the first race, so I was very happy there.  Of course, they did put them again some of the older teams, so it will be interesting to see how they do as the season progresses.

Team Ninja Warrior – Wow!  So many injuries.  So many twists.  I do feel badly for Travis coming up second two years in a row.  But I was rooting for Joe, so I’m happy he won.

Battle of the Network Stars – With only two teams, it seemed rather quiet.  Or maybe it was just the awkward vibe of Tom Arnold showing up late.  He almost appeared drunk, at least at first.  Everyone seemed to be having a great time, however, and more than willing to laugh at themselves, which I enjoyed.  With everything coming down to that tug of war, the bigger teams are going to have a huge advantage, just like what happened with this one.

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