Saturday, July 29, 2017

July 29th's Weekly TV Thoughts

As promised, I caught up once I got back from my trip.

Hollywood Game Night (7/20) – What a crazy collection of games.  The karaoke one was hilarious.  I was so impressed with the picture game at the end, especially how the guy game back and won.  So very impressive.

Battle of the Network Stars (7/20) – The team I’m rooting for always seems to lose at the end.  How could I not root for the soaps team with two Beverly Hills 90210 stars on it?  How scary that the one guy was so sick after the run.  Glad he was okay by the end.

Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge – So my Ninjas went out in the semi-finals.  I was bummed by that, but happy because it meant I could root for Heart of Texas, so came in third.  At least Commanding Officers came in third.  Since they were always the wild card, I really didn’t want them to wind up winning.  And I’m the guy who usually roots for the underdog, too.

American Ninja Warrior – Wow!  So sorry to see Grant go out.  I really like him.  Not that I wanted The Godfather to go out either.  Such a hard choice there.  I was thrilled both of those friends made it to the buzzer.  And it appeared the secret to finishing the course was to take off your shirt before the last obstacle, but only just at that last obstacle.

Suits – There’s the unhappy episode ending I’ve been expecting – at least for poor Louis.  Yes, he’s a pain in the neck who over reacts to everything.  But when they want to, they can really make us feel for him.  Harvey is not having an easy time of it leading the firm.  And as soon as Donna walked into that scene with Rachel, I knew exactly how that was going to turn out.  At least they both learned from their mistakes, which I knew they would.  Even though Mike is out of it, I’d like to know more about the dead prisoner case.  There probably isn’t more to it than that, but this mystery lover sure wants to know more.

Hollywood Game Night – When I realized how many singers were playing this week, I hope they were going to do the karaoke game again.  And they started with it!  So funny.  If the balloon game had gone more than one round, it might have been a closer game.  As it was, the other team never had a chance to recover from that.

Battle of the Network Stars – While I’d heard of most of the shows, the only star I knew was Willie Garson, and I know him best from White Collar, not Sex and the City.  Didn’t make the episode any less fun.  When it all comes down to the tug of war (and let’s face it, it always comes down to the tug of war), the cops had this one in the bag.  I was surprised at how well some of the comedy actors, did, however.

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  1. We've been keeping up with Suits too. I have been curious how the whole Mike is now a real lawyer thing will play out and so far, it's still been enjoyable entertainment.