Saturday, April 7, 2018

April 7th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Last week with no Tuesday shows until the end of the season, but the rest of the nights are filling back up.

Once Upon a Time (3/30) – I really was expecting Ivy to provide a cure for Henry, and in a way, I guess she did.  Still, I can’t believe they’ve written her out of the show now as well.  We are slowly getting rid of all these new characters.  And no, I’m not forgetting about that last scene.  Jack is the witch killer?  Seriously?  I know he’s cursed and all, but still.  I don’t know how to feel about that, but I don’t think I’m very happy right now.

Deception – I think the brother in prison is going to be in serious trouble.  Even if they clear him, he is going to have to answer for his part in helping that prisoner escape.  And who knows what is next.  Or is this why he is in jail in the first place.  I figured they were faking her death right away, and I’m glad they did.  Not quite as fun as the previous ones, but a good episode.

Legions of Tomorrow – You knew how the episode had to end.  I mean, next week is the season finale, so this week was just moving the pieces into place for the epic show down next week.  At least I hope it is epic.  And I hope this gets rid of Dameon Darhk once and for all.  And can they get their own new villain next year?

Survivor – You knew Bradley was going even before his team lost when they showed how irritating he was.  It’s only taken me how many seasons, and I can pick up on the editing?  Now that the hidden idols aren’t quite so obvious when to play with the merge coming next week, I wonder if any of them will really reverse the curse.

Suits – I can not tell you how disappointed I am in Louis.  Seriously, the guy needs to get his head on straight.  I feel for Harvey and Donna and what they are going to face.  But I am loving Rachel and Mike the most.  They are giving them a great final few episodes on the show.  Oh, and that phone call between Donna and Jessica was priceless.

Designated Survivor – So, was that country really responsible?  Or is that another trick we will learn too late now that we are at war?  Interesting twists with the staff; I’m enjoying the development.  I’m glad I stuck around because the back half of the season seems to be stronger than the first half.

Big Bang Theory – That had the potential to be a lot of fun, and it was.  The other tenants were great, and all the things that Sheldon had done as president – Yikes!  I hope they follow up with him annoying Leonard now.  That could be a fun scene or two to weave into future episodes, or even a good sub-plot to an episode.

Arrow – I guess Oliver wasn’t alone enough, although we saw this coming with Diggle last week.  I am a bit surprised he is so upset over the Arrow thing, although I certainly agree with much of what he said.  Oliver was right, too, so really, they were both right.  I’m really for them to resolve this, however.  I’m confused of the timing of the firings.  How can someone who is fired fire other people?  Or did she fire them right before the meeting with Oliver?  As much as it isn’t true, that is excellent spin at the news conference.  And I was just thinking they hadn’t mentioned this case against Oliver recently as I was watching tonight.

American Ninja Warrior: Ninja Vs. Ninja – What an epic comeback.  And what great races.  People also being eliminated.  Legends falling (although Bret has fallen before).  Happy for the Lab Rats to be moving on.

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