Saturday, August 25, 2018

August 25th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Big news this week.  Or is that Big Bang news.  The upcoming 12th season will be the final season of the show.  I'm not surprised, and it's probably time.  I don't see how the show could continue on too much longer.  But I am sad.  I'm really going to miss the gang when the show goes off the air in May.  Fortunately, I've got one final season of new episodes to enjoy first.

Meanwhile, here's what was actually on this week.

American Ninja Warrior – They’ve tricked me so far this season with the first person to run since that person has done pretty well.  But I wasn’t surprised this week when the first person was eliminated on the salmon ladder.  After all those videos of him doing tricks on it during practice, I just had a feeling it would take him down.  Again, the majority of the results didn’t surprise me too much.  In fact, I don’t think there were any big surprises in people who were eliminated this time.  On to the finals!

Castaways – Finally focused on some of the other people.  It was good to see a bit more of the others, and see more people meeting up.  It proves we do need others to help us survive both emotionally and physically.  Although having the right people certainly does help as they are also showing.

Suits – Nice to see Katrina back this week, although I’m very worried about where they are going with her now.  I hope Brian’s marriage is never at stake.  I really liked their friendship, too, so seeing this coming is going to be a problem.  Is it just me, or is Sam getting along with everyone a bit too quickly?  I thought they’d drag that out more.  And how fun was that last scene with Harvey and Louis?  I’m a bit surprised Louis didn’t come in and save the day with his client.  Does that mean we have a case that will last longer than one week?  I would like to hear a bit more about that one in future episodes.

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