Saturday, September 22, 2018

September 22nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

You can tell the summer is winding down.  Not only does the regular TV season kick into high gear on Monday (the only Monday of the year you'll find me looking forward to), but the few shows I watched this summer that hadn't wound down yet wound down this week.

TKO (9/14) – That last one was impressive.  Can’t believe he was so fast.  There was quite the spread of times this week, too.  I’m curious how they are going to make it harder for next week’s finale.  And the competition is going to be fierce.

Castaways (Monday) – It took Matt 14 days to go back?  I couldn’t believe it when that came out.  I would have been back in a day or two, depending on how long a rest I needed.  I get why the other two were upset with him, but I’m glad they moved beyond that quickly.  Meanwhile, I am amazed at the one woman who has hung on as long as she has by herself.  And those other two guys are still coming across as complete jerks.

Castaways (Tuesday) – Terry was so close.  So very close.  I do wish she could have made it, but my hat is definitely off to her for making it so close on her own for most of the time.  41 days, so just two days longer than Survivor.  I am glad everyone made up by the end, and it became very powerful as everyone was talking about how much people need others.  I liked the updates on the 5 who made it to the end, but I’d really like to know how the rest of the cast is doing now as well.

Suits – Okay, that was a bit of a cheat.  Both of them becoming name partner at the same time was exactly what we were fighting against all season long.  However, I do feel that Alex did the right thing.  And I sure hope this means we won’t have quite this level of strife any more at the firm.  Louis in charge and expecting a baby will be funny in the winter.  (Let’s face it, Louis is going to be much funnier as an expectant father than Sheila will be as expectant mother.)  And the look on Samantha’s face when Zane suggested a group hug made me laugh so hard.

TKO – I was expecting close finishes, and that’s exactly what I got.  Wow!  And I feel for the guy who hurt his wrist.  I hope it’s okay long term.  Not sure I will be back if the show returns, but it was diverting this summer.

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