Saturday, April 13, 2019

April 13th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I can't believe how light this week was.  But this is my last light TV week until the regular season ends in May, so I enjoyed it while I could.

Legends of Tomorrow – So what is that creature at the end?  I’m guessing that Hank isn’t really dead if we can find his spirit and put it back in his body.  At least for Nate’s sake, I hope so.  And either I’ve watched the wrong clips of Nixon over the years or that actor was a very, very bad impersonator.

Survivor – They weren’t kidding in their previews.  What a wild and wacky tribal!  I thought with how early we got to the immunity challenge, they were going to do two tribals tonight, but clearly they needed the time for one we got.  I wonder if they didn’t have a reward challenge of it they cut it for time.

The Orville – I really do love how the show is episodic but keeps bring things back.  I’m definitely wondering where they intend to take this particular storyline eventually.  And I couldn’t believe they got all their commanders back for this episode, too.  Most of them were just in a couple of scenes, but it was still fun.

Abby’s – Well, that was uncomfortable.  Yes, there were some fun storylines, but the storyline with Bill was cringe worthy.  Then again, that seems to be the main point of his character.  I hope they change that soon.

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