Monday, April 8, 2019

Ornament Review: Superman - 2017 Hallmark Miniature Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great looking mini ornament
Cons: Only if you are expecting a full-sized ornament
The Bottom Line:
Mini Superman
Looks great, just in smaller size
Great for mini tree

Superman Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way on a Miniature Scale

When I started collecting Hallmark’s miniature ornaments with their latest wave, I was thinking I needed to get some pop culture ornaments to include on my miniature tree.  Still, I passed on Superman when he was released in 2017, only getting him the next year.

I want to start by being clear – this is a miniature ornament.  He is less than two inches long, and that’s the biggest dimension.

However, given the size, the ornament looks great.  Superman is obviously in flight, heading off to fight a villain.  He’s got just a bit of hair on his forehead and a determined expression on his face.  He’s wearing his classic red, white, and yellow costume with his red cape flying out behind him.

Yes, you can see these details on him even though he is small, which is what makes these miniature ornaments so impressive.  Personally, I prefer to hang them on a miniature tree, and he looks great there.

I don’t have a lot of superhero ornaments, which was one reason I held off on getting this ornament.  But, when I realized that Hallmark was releasing several over a number of years, I couldn’t resist and when back and got him.  I’m quite happy I did because I have always enjoyed Superman.  Okay, so my knowledge of superheroes comes from movies and TV shows, but I do like what I know of him.

Since Superman is in action, you can’t set him out anywhere, not that you’d probably want to since he’s so small.  However, you can easily hang him on a tree, and you’ll find he hangs at the perfect angle to look like he’s flying into action.

It may have taken me extra time to decide to get this ornament, but I’m glad I did.  Superman is a big addition to my miniature collection.

Original Price: $7.95

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