Saturday, April 27, 2019

April 27th's Weekly TV Thoughts

We are officially in May sweeps.  Only one season finale this week, however, but let the wild and crazy plot twists begin.

Supergirl – They’ve done a good job this season, I will give them this.  Even with a character as powerful as Supergirl, I’m wondering how they will resolve everything and clear her name.  She is fighting against overwhelming odds, even with her friends on her side.  Still hate the political overtones, but I am hooked to see how they will figure everything out.

Legends of Tomorrow – I’m glad Ava and Sara have made up.  I do like them as a couple.  Ray is possessed now?  That is going to be interesting.  I’m sorry that things didn’t work out for Constantine.  At least not in this episode.  I just wonder what Nate is going to do with the theme park.

Arrow – So Archer is gone.  And we learned more about Diggle’s back story.  About the biggest real news from the episode is that Oliver’s half-sister knows the truth about her mother’s murder now, but otherwise not too many interesting developments.

The Flash – Here’s the thing, both Barry and Iris were right in their opening fight.  And in their apologies at the end.  I’m glad they didn’t drag the fight out for a few episodes.  I’m glad Iris noticed what I’ve noticed about Thawn.  I’m still not sure what he is up to, but I’m intrigued.  I’m sad that they’ve turned Nora evil.  Can’t you deal with parental relationship issues without turning evil?  Like Caitlin here or so many of the characters on Arrow.

Survivor – It only took how many weeks?  I think they’ve talked about Wardog since week 2 if not week 1.  Personally, I’m glad to see him out finally.  But when are the people on Edge going to get a chance to come back into the game?  I assuming it will be one person like last time, and that will be the end of it.  But who knows.  They could do anything to shake things up.

The Amazing Race – Well, I’m bummed.  Not surprised, but bummed.  I love Rupert and Laura and wanted to see them win, or at least go far.  As cool as that elephant challenge looked (and the teams seemed to be enjoying it), it definitely seemed like one of those challenges where it was impossible to pass a team, and the wrong elephant could definitely ruin your day.

The Big Bang Theory – That was a fun episode.  I loved seeing Leonard standing up for himself, or at least trying to.  And can I say how nice it is to see President Sebert again this season?  I do feel for Raj, but I like the fact that his girlfriend is still around.  Ever since they called off their wedding, I am liking their relationship so much more.

The Orville – That was EPIC!  Okay, so it didn’t come as a big surprise given what we know about alternative timelines, but still, what a way to end the season.  So many episodes this season have felt like more than a TV episode, and this one did as well.  The graphics, too, were out of this world.  Literally, right?  So glad I’m watching this show.

Abby’s – I’ll confess, the main reason I continued this series is that I realized The Orville ended this week, so I’d definitely have time on Thursdays to watch this show going forward.  And I’m glad I did.  This was more what I was expecting.  Okay, so the big twist of the story I was expecting (I knew she wouldn’t really get the money), but I had fun along the way, and that’s mainly what I expect from a sitcom.  Poor Dan, I loved his bits.  So many fun moments along the way.

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