Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Ornament Review: Kris O. Kindly - Snowtop Lodge #15 - 2019 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great looking snowman with a Santa theme
Cons: None
The Bottom Line:
Snowman plus Santa
Combine in fun ornament
Will look great on tree

Santa Snowman is Coming to Town

Like many Hallmark series, not all of the Snowtop Lodge ornaments have related directly to Christmas, although they have all related to winter in some way.  We are dealing with a series of snowpeople after all.  However, Kris O. Kindly is definitely a Christmas entry in the series.

You see, Kris is dressed up as Santa.  He’s wearing a Santa hat on his head, and he’s got a sack of toys and other goodies next to him.  He’s smiling and waving at someone he’s about to make very happy with a delivery.  Like his fellow snowpeople in this series, he has a scene painted on his lowest snowball.  As you’d expect, it’s a scene of Santa flying off after delivering presents to a snowy village sleeping below him.

I started this series late, just a couple of years ago, but I’m glad I did.  The combination of the theme with the picture on the snowperson is delightful, and this ornament is no exception.  I love the bow on the package in his sack, and the picture on him is wonderful.  Combined, it makes for a great ornament.

This series is made from porcelain, so you’ll want to be careful when you handle it to make sure you don’t break it.  Like all snowpeople, Kris has a flat bottom, so you can set him out somewhere to be displayed as long as you are certain you won’t knock him over.

Or you can hang him on a sturdy branch on your tree.  The loop is sticking up through his hat.  Unfortunately, he does tip forward a little, but a few tree branches should help disguise that.

We’ve reached the fifteenth ornament in the series.  Can you believe it?  You’ll find the series marker painted on the bottom of the ornament.

Kris O. Kindly is a nice addition to the Snowtop Lodge series, and I’m not just being kind.  With his Santa theming, he’ll be a welcome addition to any Christmas ornament collection.

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Original Price: $19.99

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