Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cookie Review: Keebler Cheesecake Middles

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Sweet chocolate taste
Cons: Not quite cheesecake flavor

The Bottom Line:
Delicious cookies
Sweet cheesecake and chocolate
Delight for your tongue

Addicting Small Bites of Cheesecake Sweetness

Last year, I discovered Keebler's Cheesecake Middles cookies.  Being a fan of cheesecake, I had to give them a try.  Like I needed another cookie to be tempted to buy.

These cookies are small yet delicious.  They have a hard graham cracker base.  The bottom is covered in chocolate.  The middle of the cookie has an indentation, and it is filled with a cheesecake filling.  Finally, chocolate is drizzled on the top.

When I say they are small, we’re talking two inches in diameter.  It's not as big as I normally picture a cookies being.  But that just means there are more cookies per package, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It means you can have one or two as a treat and not have too many calories.

Well maybe.  A serving size is three cookies, or a tenth of a package.  That gives you 130 calories, almost half of them from fat.  And there are no nutrients to speak of, so there's no benefit with those calories you just consumed.

And that's hardly surprising when you look at the ingredients.  The first one is sugar.  Then you've got flour and vegetable oil and on down the list.  Lots of things I can't pronounced there, so they have to be bad for you.

But they are cookies.  Who cares about all that stuff?  The real question is how do they taste?  They taste wonderful.  They are a bit on the sweet side to truly be cheesecake, at least in my opinion.  But they do definitely have a cheesecake taste.  Pepperidge Farms take note – these cookies are much closer to a cheesecake taste than anything of yours I’ve tried.  And the chocolate is a nice touch.  Remember how I said you could just have one or two?  Fat chance.  I eat these cookies and quickly lose track of how many I’ve had.  They are just so delicious.

The chocolate runs fairly easily.  I always get it on my hands when I’m eating these.  And if it is warm out when I buy them, they stick together easily even before I open the package.  Just have a napkin or two at the ready when you eat them.

I’m still searching for a cookie that truly captures cheesecake, but in the meantime I will continue to enjoy Keebler's Cheesecake Middles cookies.  It’s hard to go wrong with these sweet chocolaty treats.

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