Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 15th's Weekly TV Thoughts

The Amazing Race - Not sorry to see that team go.  And while it looked like a rough day for just about every one, I would have enjoyed it.  How can you miss with all that water?

Survivor - Finally, the Brains did something smart.  I just can't believe it took them this long to vote out the weakest member of the tribe.  Remember, you need to wins challenges early to make it far enough to outwit at the end.

Melissa & Joey - Why is it I am most interested in the Zander/Lennox story going on right now?  And yes, I am totally rooting for them to get back together.

Psych - I thought when they were trying to up the antics that I would find it annoying.  Instead, I found it fun.  The killer was obvious by the time we got there, but only because they'd eliminated everyone else.  And that final scene?  It was the funniest scene in the show.

The Big Bang Theory - I'm really torn on this one.  I wasn't impressed with the Sheldon and his mom plot for obvious reason (let's make Christians out to be hypocrites yet again), although I did feel it was fairly well handled all things considered.  The murder mystery plot?  Absolutely inspired, however.

Suits - Wow that was intense.  How much longer are they going to play out the Mike's secret thing.  Louis knows, but he doesn't know he knows yet.  It's just a matter of time.  I liked Jessica's story this episode.  But seriously, Mike is in serious trouble.

The Crazy Ones - I really did not care for Andrew's sisters.  They really made the episode kind of "Meh" for me.

Sirens - I was going to give the show one more episode before I decided.  I've decided.  I'm done.  I'm officially no longer a USA Network junkie, I guess.  Which means I'll have to decide about the second season of Graceland.  I may quite that show, too.

Enlisted - So obviously this show is not doing things in order at all since we've already seen the middle brother dating the bar tender.  Having said that, the vets being mirrors of the brothers was fun if predictable.  It was another fun episode overall.

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