Saturday, March 8, 2014

Week TV Thoughts for March 8th

Even more shows back in the mix this week.  I have a feeling it will be like this until May finales start happening.

The Amazing Race - I hated to see the Cowboys start out so behind like that, but they made go time catching up.  It was crazy how many teams hit the mat all at the same time.  And the Cowboys have already given away their express pass.  I'm glad to see that drama gone so soon.

Survivor - At least the brains figured things out and won a challenge.  You'll notice they didn't put the dumbest person on the maze, which helped.  And beauty was very smart in who they go rid of both in the long term and in the short term.

Arrow - Maybe my problem with the island is that we just don't spend enough time there.  I was actually getting into the story in this episode, although I still prefer the modern stuff.  The ending definitely left me wondering where we'll go from here.

Melissa & Joey - You know, I really like Zander.  Not sure where they are going with that storyline, but it's interesting.  Not too many surprises with the therapy sessions, but it still provided some good laughs.

Big Bang Theory - I was so afraid they were going to send Penny back to waitressing.  That would have been a wasted arc.  The car scene was so incredibly sweet, however.  And the scenes on the plane?  Priceless.

The Crazy Ones - Well, I must admit I wouldn't have minded seeing Owen stick around a bit longer, but they aren't going to get Sydney in a serious relationship yet.  And I loved seeing Morgan Grimes again.  Still miss Chuck.

Suits - I hadn't realized just how much I missed this show.  They killed it tonight with so many great characters moments.  In fact, it's those character moments I've most missed about the show.  However, Louis is on to Mike big time.  That will not end well at all.

Sirens - I really wasn't impressed.  I gave it a try because it is on the USA Network, but I think I may be done already.  The ending of the pilot made me think it had potential, but the second episode wasn't that good at all.

Enlisted - This show never disappoints.  I'll be going along amused and then suddenly something happens and I'll just start laughing.  Some real character moments along the way, but just plain fun the entire time.

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